The 2023 balance points to a positive balance of more than 4.5 thousand new jobs in Acre


Acre celebrates yet another positive result in the state’s economic index. According to data from the New General Register of Employed and Unemployed Persons (Novo Caged), released last Wednesday, the 31st, in the balance of 2023 there were 50.7 thousand admissions and 46.1 thousand dismissals, thus totaling a balance of 4,562 new jobs. formal employment.

The balance in the creation of formal jobs was more than 4.5 thousand new positions. Photo: Provided

In the division by municipalities, Rio Branco was the city that generated the most formal employment opportunities in the state last year, with a balance of 3,622 formal job openings. Next, Senador Guiomard (348), Epitaciolândia (207), Tarauacá (137) and Porto Acre (111) appear.

The Secretary of State for Government, Alysson Bestene, highlighted that the result is a reflection of the Gladson Cameli government’s efforts to encourage private initiative.

“We have always been aware that the public sector alone is not capable of absorbing all of a state’s workforce completely. So, although our government has also become famous for offering thousands of vacancies in public competitions, we also take care to encourage the private sector’, he highlights.

The segments that hired the most were services, commerce and civil construction. Works such as the renovation of the Sena Madureira Hospital and Maternity, the building of the 2nd Military Police Battalion of the Second District of Rio Branco, the recovery of the Arena da Floresta Multi-Sports Center and the Orla do Quinze works have a positive impact on the creation of new jobs.

“We had already registered significant growth in the productive sector in Acre. And now, in 2024, the expectation of expansion is even greater, when we must deliver important works, in the capital and in the interior. Regarding this, the Arco Metropolitano, which will connect BR-364 at the height of the Belo Jardim branch to Vila Custódio Freire, already on the stretch to the municipality of Bujari, is another project for 2024 that will allow the mass hiring of new workers, moving the local economy”, highlights the secretary.

Balance in each segment in Acre:

– Services: 2,327;
– Commerce: 742;
– Industry: 673;
– Construction: 639;
– Agriculture: 181.

In the country as a whole, the balance of formal jobs was 1.48 million formal jobs in 2023, the result of 23.2 million admissions and 21.7 million dismissals.

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