Government of Tocantins opens registrations for the 3rd edition of the Tocantins Amateur Football Cup


Champions of the eight regional stages will guarantee places in the state stage

The biggest amateur football competition in the state is back. Registration for the Copão Tocantins is open until February 23rd. The event promoted by the Government of Tocantins, through the Secretariat of Sports and Youth, brings together R$184 thousand in prizes. The 2023 edition brought together 168 teams from 122 municipalities, an average of 200 referees who worked in 279 matches and a total of 1,000 goals.

Amateur athletes or those who worked professionally until 2022, male, at least 16 years old, completed by the date of registration, can participate in the 2024 Tocantins Cup. The Organizing Committee informs that it will not be responsible for transportation, food or any other expenses arising from the participation of teams registered in the competition.

The official Regulations, the registration form, the declaration authorizing the participation of players under 16 years of age, the game list and statistics relating to the other two editions are available on the website of the Secretariat of Sports and Youth ( Other information can also be found via WhatsApp (63) 9 8121-3897.

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The competition will be contested by teams representing the 139 municipalities of Tocantins, initially within the 8 regions, in a single-elimination system. The champions and runners-up of the South Cup, Vale Cup, Bico Cup, Southeast Cup, Centro Cup, Mid-North Cup, North Cup and Jalapão Cup will be classified for the state phase of the Tocantins Cup.

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