Aiba and Abapa invest 265 kilometers in infrastructure works in western Bahia

Photo: Association of Irrigating Farmers of Bahia (Aiba)

The agricultural sector has invested in infrastructure works in western Bahia to ensure better conditions for the roads used to transport production. According to the Association of Farmers and Irrigators of Bahia (Aiba), investments were made, in the last three years, in 265 kilometers of asphalt paving and, between 2021 and 2022, in around 560 kilometers of local roads and unpaved highways in region, according to information from the A Tarde portal.

Rural producers represented by Aiba invest their own resources and those from the Agricultural Development Program (Prodeagro). In addition, they also have the support of the Mechanized Patrol of the Bahian Association of Cotton Producers (Abapa), the Brazilian Cotton Institute (IBA) and the partnership with the State government and city halls in the region.

“Thinking about the common good, rural producers in the western region of Bahia, represented by Aiba and Abapa, have invested their own resources, had the support of Prodeagro and signed many partnerships with the State government and city halls. The result of this commitment is reflected in improvements for the region, such as asphalt paving, recovery and maintenance of the local network, construction and renovation of bridges and improved access to farms for the entry and exit of inputs, and safe flow of agricultural production in the region. to other centers”, said the president of Aiba, Odacil Ranzi.

“As important as producing is getting the product to the commercialization stage, where it will provide financial returns to rural producers, allowing the production cycle to restart. For the proper functioning of this mechanism, some factors are fundamental, such as good infrastructure and logistics conditions”, he highlighted.

Bahia is the largest grain producer in the North/Northeast and the second largest national cotton producer. In Western Bahia, agribusiness is pulsating with development and accounts for 25% of the state’s GDP. Reducing distances and availability of quality routes for transporting supplies and agricultural production have always been challenges in the region.

Paved roads

The territorial extension of Western Bahia and the wide local network influence the constant need for road maintenance, given the flow of production and the speed at which the region develops. In the last three years, 265 kilometers of asphalt paving were completed. “These initiatives to improve cargo transportation with the execution of asphalt paving have reduced freight costs, increased the value of the product and made the West region more competitive”, stated Aiba Infrastructure Manager, Luiz Stahlke.

Road maintenance

During the rainy season, most roads become impassable and generate high losses for grain and fiber producers. To promote the recovery and maintenance of priority sections of local roads or unpaved highways, rural producers carry out maintenance and recovery of roads, which since 2013 have recovered around 3 thousand kilometers, benefiting 43 roads in the producing regions, and between 2021 and 2022 , 560 kilometers were recovered. Through the partnership with the Abapa Mechanized Patrol, it is possible to carry out services such as lifting the bed, graveling the base and building rainwater containment basins. The mountain range located in Formosa do Rio Preto was adapted and access to the Coaceral region was improved.


The West-East Integration Railway (FIOL) emerges as a new reality for cargo transport in Brazil and will connect the Port of Ilhéus, in the south of Bahia, to the North-South Railway, with a junction designed in the municipality of Figueirópolis (TO) . The route will contribute to the efficient flow of production from western Bahia, expansion of foreign trade and favoring the national market. The expectation is that around 10 million tons of grains and fibers will be transported. Currently, lot 2 is being finalized and lot 1 should have the works returned this year, concluded a publication on the A Tarde portal.

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