Indea and Sesp join the MT Integrity Program

The Mato Grosso Agricultural Defense Institute (Indea) and the Public Security Secretariat (Sesp) joined the Public Integrity Program of the Government of Mato Grosso (Integridade MT), which is being developed by the State Comptroller General (CGE-MT) . The terms were signed in meetings held between the portfolio managers and the controlling general secretary, Paulo Farias, on Thursday and Friday (1st and 2.02), respectively.

During the signing of the agreement, Paulo Farias explained the entire functioning of the program, from conception to the continuous monitoring that will be carried out by CGE, including training of employees responsible for execution within each body and entity.

The MT Integrity Program brings together a series of institutional measures that aim to prevent, detect, hold accountable and remediate corrupt practices, fraud, irregularities and ethical and behavioral deviations. The main focus is to ensure that state public administration does not deviate from the objective of delivering public policies in an adequate, impartial and efficient manner.

The president of Indea, Emanuele de Almeida, said that the program will bring more security to the organization. “We are responsible for managing and administering public goods and services and with a program of this magnitude like the one proposed by CGE we are safer”.

She added that “the program will apply to all members of the public sector, institutional measures that curb corruption and/or ethical and behavioral deviations, thus benefiting not only the public service itself, but will also increase society’s trust. with us”.

The Secretary of Public Security, Cesar Roveri, highlighted that Sesp has already adopted some measures in this regard and that the implementation of the program will boost the actions. “We have some good practices to inhibit these situations and now with the formalization of this program, with the training and qualification that CGE will provide us, we will certainly improve the integrity of the secretariat and the efficiency of the application of public resources so that we can deliver a better service to the citizen.”

Indea and Sesp must, based on the parameters and guidelines established by the CGE, prepare, execute and monitor the integrity plan, according to the risks identified for the organization. To prepare this document, senior management will indicate the agent or team that will be responsible for the work.

A technical team from CGE will provide consultancy in carrying out the work of identifying, analyzing and proposing appropriate treatment for the institution’s integrity risks.

“We are changing the focus of our operations, moving from a corrective stance to a preventive and collaborative approach. Integridade MT is part of this strategic change, which is not limited to just a reorganization of our products and services. We are available to everyone who has already joined the program to assist them in the best possible way in its preparation and monitoring. We have a team that will provide full support so that the biggest beneficiary in this entire process is the citizen who needs quality public services”, said the head of CGE, Paulo Farias.

Integridade MT was established through State Decree No. 376/2023. From the date of accession, all units must prepare and approve their integrity plan within a period of up to 180 days. During membership, the Controllership provides the entity with a printed kit of information and promotional materials for Integridade MT. Furthermore, the material is also available on the CGE website.

In addition, at the beginning of the year, the CGE will offer state bodies and entities training to raise awareness among employees and all parties (stakeholders) that are related to the institutions’ business about the importance of public integrity and risk management.

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