Video: man reports having been beaten during police approach in Aglomerado da Serra, in BH

Video: man reports having been beaten during police approach in Aglomerado da Serra, in BH
Video: man reports having been beaten during police approach in Aglomerado da Serra, in BH

A 34-year-old man reports having had four broken teeth, a cut left eyebrow, edema in the left eye area and bruises on his ribs after a police approach in Aglomerado da Serra, in the Center-South region of Belo Horizonte. The episode took place last Sunday (28), but the video showing the attacks took over social media in recent days.

In the images, it is possible to see the man standing with his back to a police officer, who is hanging him. At another point, two other soldiers also started attacking him, already lying on the ground. Immobilized, he is hit by punches and elbows, in addition to being hit with clubs by the three police officers. Lawyer Samuel Ceraso, who represents the attacked man, maintains that the approach was violent and that the client did not resist arrest. The police say he was a fugitive from justice and resisted arrest.

What the police report says

According to the police record, the police monitored five individuals “apparently minors, taking turns selling narcotics.” According to the police report, the driver of a red motorcycle, with a radio around his neck, went to the traffic stop, with a bag, removed a substance and handed it to an individual.

The corporation set up a siege on Santa Rita Street and, according to the PM, upon encountering the vehicle, the motorcyclist tried to flee. According to police records, the military gave an order to stop, which was not followed.

“Continuously, the driver accelerated towards the soldiers, at which point the sergeant, to guarantee his physical integrity and that of the other soldiers, freed himself from the motorcycle and, in order not to use his weapon, issued a hit with a tonfa baton on the driver’s arm, who lost control of the motorcycle and fell.” According to the police report, despite the fall, he still tried to escape and got into a fight.

According to the PM, 300 cocaine pins, 30 crack rocks and 205 marijuana sticks were seized from the suspect, as well as a .380 pistol.

Defense maintains that police deployed items

The victim’s lawyer claims that the items were implanted by the military. He asked the police chief to carry out a papilloscopic examination to identify the fingerprints on the weapon. He also states that the images were forwarded to the PM’s Internal Affairs Department and the Public Ministry of Minas Gerais (MPMG).

The lawyer classified the approach as violent and points out that, in the images, it is possible to see the man immobilized “and, possibly, unconscious”, while “three police officers kick him in the ribs, punch and elbow him in the face.” Contrary to what the police officers claim, the defense maintains that he did not resist arrest.

Police investigate the case

The Military Police (PM), in a note, states that the man was on the run and “tried to evade and fight the police officers, requiring a different use of force by the police proportional to the physical resistance that the criminal displayed, as recommended operational standards”.

The corporation also says that “he had police records for robbery and bodily harm, was involved in illicit drug trafficking, theft, use and consumption of drugs, in addition to an open arrest warrant.”

Furthermore, the note states that both sides suffered minor injuries, with the police officers and the prisoner receiving medical attention. The PM states that it will initiate proceedings to investigate the versions presented.

The report from Itatiaia contacted the Public Ministry and the Court of Justice of Minas Gerais (TJMG).

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