The weekend in Acre should be filled with intense rain; see the full forecast


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By Suene Almeida, ContilNet

Saturday (3) and Sunday (4) are expected to see intense rain across the state of Acre, with accumulations of more than 100mm possible until next Monday (5).

In some parts of the state, the rains could cause disruption to the population, with flooding of streets, overflowing of streams, streams and landslides. The forecast was published by meteorologist Davi Friale, on his website “O Tempo Aqui”.

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In some places the rains could be intense/ Photo: ContilNet

“In some areas, intense rains may occur, with accumulations exceeding 100mm, between Saturday, the 3rd, and Monday, the 5th, which could cause disruption to the population, such as flooding of streets, overflowing of streams and streams and landslides. , says an excerpt from the publication.

The meteorologist also warned of the sudden rise in the level of the Juruá River, in Cruzeiro do Sul, which could exceed the alert level of 11.8 meters.

In Rio Branco, the level of the Acre River should continue to rise, however, it should not exceed the alert level, which is 13.5m in the capital of Acre.

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