IPAJM retirees and pensioners must re-register in 2024



The 2024 re-registration of retirees and pensioners from the State Pension Institute (IPAJM) began on Thursday (1st). Beneficiaries are required to go through two stages, one in person at a Banestes branch and the updating of registration data on the website www.ipajm.es.gov.br. It is important to highlight that beneficiaries with birthdays from January to April will be the first to undergo the procedure.

Re-registration is organized into three periods based on the retiree’s or pensioner’s birthday months. Gabriel Duque, coordinator of the Institute’s Re-Registration, emphasizes the importance of following the deadlines, stating that the maintenance of payment of the benefit depends on the completion of the two stages of re-registration.

For Proof of Life, simply present identification documents with photo and CPF at any Banestes branch. Regarding the registration update, the beneficiary must carry it out on the IPAJM website, according to the guidelines presented in a specific document.

Beneficiaries who live outside the state of Espírito Santo, as well as those unable to travel, must follow specific guidelines. These guidelines are detailed in Ordinance No. 13-R of Re-registration/2024.

If you have any questions, beneficiaries can contact you by phone (27) 3201-3180. For more information, access the link: https://ipajm.es.gov.br/perguntas-e-respostas-recadastramento-2024.

For more details about re-registration, access the full document: https://ipajm.es.gov.br/Media/ipajm/2024/RECADASTRAMENTO2024/Portaria%20013-R%20com%20reda%C3%A7%C3%A3o% 20dada%20pora%20Portaria%2001-R%20-%20recadastramento%20-%20v2.pdf

For press information, interested parties can contact the IPAJM Communications Office, using the following contacts: Carolina Paixão – (27) 3636-4189/90 / (27) 98817-4825 / 99909-0333 / [email protected].

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