Remaining balances from Brasil Literacy go to young people and adults


The Ministry of Education (MEC) established new criteria for using the remaining 2023 balance of resources from the Literate Brazil Program (PBA). The resources from the reprogramming of the National Education Fund, which had already been authorized in January, will be used to create enrollments in youth and adult classes, in accordance with the guidelines published this Friday (2), in the Official Diary of the Union.

If they choose not to refund the resources, states, the Federal District and municipalities will be able to invest, until December 31st of this year, in literacy training for people aged 15 or over who are not included in the formal education system.

The balance can also be used for scholarships to improve literacy skills, transportation, food and school materials for those learning to read and write, or even to print teaching materials offered by the MEC, as long as they are intended for young people and non-literate adults.


According to the new criteria, the federative unit must adhere to the reprogramming of resources within 90 days, and it is necessary to complete the form available in the Brasil Literate Program System and, in case of default with the program, regularize the situation within the term.

If the federative unit does not respond, it will have to return the remaining resources on December 31, 2023 to the National Education Development Fund.

The federative units that join must execute the resources in specific accounts created for Brasil Alfabetizado actions, exempt from bank fees, in electronic form, to identify the beneficiaries of the payments, such as suppliers or service providers. It will also be necessary to record all expenses with new enrollments in youth and adult literacy classes in the Accountability Management System (SiGPC).

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