Judge gives Light 24 hours to regularize energy in Rio, even with generators

Judge gives Light 24 hours to regularize energy in Rio, even with generators
Judge gives Light 24 hours to regularize energy in Rio, even with generators

A Justice of Rio de Janeiro gave 24 hours for the Light regularize the energy supply in its concession area in the state, “so that electricity interruptions no longer occur”, under penalty of a daily fine of 50,000 reais.

Head of the 2nd Business Court of the Capital District, the judge Marcelo Mondego de Carvalho Lima required special attention to the Governor Islandincluding the installation of generators “sufficient for the region’s consumption load”.

According to the State Public Defender’s Officeresidents of the neighborhood in the north of Rio “have found themselves in a situation of social and technical vulnerability, at least since January 12, 2024”, and “for days they have been living with interruptions and lack of regular service provision in the region” , with daily shortages for more than six hours.

The judge also ordered Light to carry out the necessary maintenance or modernization of the supply network and present an action plan for any scheduled shutdowns.

“(The stops) cannot be on consecutive days, (and the plan must have) complete schedule of scheduled dates, ensuring access to adequate information through the most diverse means of communication and prior awareness of all affected consumers, at least 72 hours in advance”, writes the judge.

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Lima also ordered the concessionaire to present “the complete breakdown, per day, of the areas and consumer units that remained without electricity supply, with the duration of the interruption and the reasons for the lack of energy supply, since the 12th of January 2024”.

For Gabriel de Britto Silvalawyer specializing in consumer law and legal director of the Brazilian Citizenship Institute (Ibraci), considering the number of hours of interruption, “there is a clear right to money as compensation for moral damages”.

“The supply of electricity is considered an essential service and, therefore, must be offered continuously. If it is interrupted, it must at least be reestablished efficiently and promptly, within a maximum of 4 hours, as determined by Aneel in the resolution. The consumer also has the right to be compensated for equipment that burns out as a result of power fluctuations or peaks during reconnections,” he stated.

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