The cars that Volkswagen will launch in Brazil in a R$9 billion plan | Releases

The cars that Volkswagen will launch in Brazil in a R$9 billion plan | Releases
The cars that Volkswagen will launch in Brazil in a R$9 billion plan | Releases

With a new round of investments in South America, Volkswagen will renew the entire product line by 2028. In addition to the R$7 billion announced last year, Brazil and Argentina will receive another R$9 billion over the next five years. With the money, the company promised to launch 16 new features in the period.

Until now, six of them are confirmed: the renovations of the Amarok pickup truck and the T-Cross SUV, in addition to four new cars confirmed at the event held on Thursday night (1): a pickup truck in São José dos Pinhais (PR), an SUV in Taubaté (SP) and two new cars in São Bernardo do Campo (SP).

In addition to them, ten other new features will come – we managed to project the majority, with few vacancies remaining. please note that Volkswagen has considered special series as launches. It was like this with the Gol Last Edition and the Polo Track First Edition. Therefore, it would not be surprising to imagine that some model coming out of production in a commemorative edition will be added to the bill. In any case, check out the full list below:

Already confirmed

New Amarok

2 of 11 Shot of the new Volkswagen Amarok — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/@gessnermotors
Spotted with the new Volkswagen Amarok — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/@gessnermotors

The midsize pickup will undergo a thorough restyling. To achieve this, Volkswagen invested US$250 million in the General Pacheco factory in Argentina. The problem is that, even updated, we are not talking about the new generation, based on the Ford Ranger and whose production was concentrated in South Africa.

The new Amarok for South Americans is a model that was born more than a decade ago and will be updated to offer a more modern look and possibly new equipment. Units being tested are already running at the São Bernardo do Campo (SP) factory, where the company’s engineering department is located, for final adjustments. The launch should take place in the middle of the year.

renewed T-Cross

3 of 11 Volkswagen T-Cross should follow the look of the European version — Photo: Disclosure
Volkswagen T-Cross should follow the look of the European version — Photo: Disclosure

The lack of changes has not hindered the T-Cross, which closed 2023 as the best-selling SUV in the country. Still, there are five years without news. This will change later this year, with the model’s first facelift. Volkswagen has been running the updated version on the country’s streets for months, but production will only begin in April, with the launch scheduled for the sequel.

The compact SUV manufactured in São José dos Pinhais (PR) will maintain the front grille design, but it will have an LED strip connecting the headlights, a trend created by Taos. The current fog lights are rounded, but the restyling uses a triangular design. Therefore, the car will have the same changes as its European version.

Pickup truck from São José dos Pinhais

4 of 11 Volkswagen Tarok Concept — Photo: Disclosure
Volkswagen Tarok concept — Photo: Disclosure

In the announcement of the extension of investments, the only model with any details disclosed by Volkswagen was the pickup that will be produced in São José dos Pinhais, next to the T-Cross. This doesn’t happen by chance. The mid-size model has finally received the green light and will be developed using the compact SUV as a base.

When launched, the new pickup will compete in the market with Chevrolet Montana, Fiat Toro and the next generation of Renault’s mid-range pickup truck, based on the Niagara concept. It should feature the same engines offered in the T-Cross, with the possibility of adopting a hybrid set.

Taubaté SUV

5 of 11 Volkswagen will have compact SUV smaller than Nivus and T-Cross — Photo:
Volkswagen will have a compact SUV smaller than the Nivus and T-Cross — Photo:

This probably It is the most important product that Volkswagen will launch in the coming years. The model received special attention in the presentation by the company’s CEO in Brazil, Ciro Possobom and even by the city hall of the city of Vale do Paraíba, which released a post treating the news as “the return of Gol”. Volkswagen denied.

The launch will actually be one compact SUV smaller than Nivus and T-Cross and which will compete in the market with Fiat Pulse, Renault Kardian and the future crossover derived from the Chevrolet Onix. It will have a 1.0 turbo engine and a price range between R$100,000 and R$130,000. The launch will be in 2025.

São Bernardo SUVs

6 of 11 Volkswagen Tayron should be leaked in China — Photo: Ministry of Industry and Technological Information of China
Volkswagen Tayron should leak visual in China — Photo: Ministry of Industry and Technological Information of China

The Anchieta factory, the first in VW outside Germany will have two new productsstill mysterious as of 2027. We know that the unit will receive the MQB Hybrid platform, which will give rise to plug-in hybrid cars with the also new 1.5 turbo EVO2 engine. The powers will be between 150 hp and 272 hp.

Our bet is two SUVs. One of them could replace the Taos, currently made in Argentina. The other is based on the Chinese Tayron, will be larger, with 7 seats, and will take the place of the Tiguan.

Others that should arrive

Renewed Nivus

7 of 11 Nivus’ appearance may follow the style adopted in Europe by Taigo — Photo: Disclosure
Nivus’s look may follow the style adopted in Europe by Taigo — Photo: Disclosure

Volkswagen took advantage of the last days of production in 2023 at the Anchieta factory to assemble the first prototypes of the renewed Nivus. The move indicates that the coupe SUV is close to undergoing its first visual update since it was launched in Brazil in 2020.

This will happen at the end of the year, after T-Cross and Amarok were launched. There are chances that it will only arrive in 2025. Volks must still count the GTS sports version as a second launch. In this case, in addition to the characteristic elements of the configuration, the crossover will have the same 150 hp 1.4 turbo engine that already equips the Polo GTS. The idea is to fight with the Fiat Fastback Abarth.

Polo, Virtus and Nivus MHEV

8 of 11 Volkswagen Polo should receive a mild hybrid package — Photo: Disclosure
Volkswagen Polo is expected to receive a mild hybrid package — Photo: Disclosure

Volkswagen promised to accelerate electrification in Brazil in the coming years. And this strategy has a lot to do with the new emissions standards that will come into force in 2028. Shortly before that, Polo, Virtus and Nivus will receive the help of a 48V mild hybrid system to become more economical.

The small battery and electric generator will assist the 1.0 turboflex engine at departures and in specific situations, contributing to the reduction of consumption and emissions.

Taos facelift

9 of 11 Chinese Volkswagen Taos had a design registered in Brazil — Photo: Reproduction
Chinese Volkswagen Taos had design registered in Brazil — Photo: Reproduction

Volkswagen North America said more than it should and anticipated that, there, the Taos will receive a facelift in 2025. It’s true that the SUV sold in Brazil is produced in Argentina, unlike the car sold in the north, made in Mexico.

But with the similarity of the markets and the product’s lifespan, it is possible to imagine that this updated look will be replicated here. But this should only happen from 2025 onwards. The facelift of the Chinese Taos has even been registered in Brazil.

Golf R

10 of 11 eighth-generation Volkswagen Golf R has 320 hp — Photo: Disclosure
Volkswagen Golf R of the eighth generation has 320 hp — Photo: Disclosure

There is room for imported cars in Volkswagen’s long list of launches. One of them is the Golf R, which could appear in 2024. According to the brand’s boss in Brazil, the company is “studying hard to bring this vehicle”.

If confirmation comes, we will have the restyled Golf R, which was not even presented in Europe. The current version has an engine 2.0 turbo with 320 hp, automatic transmission and all-wheel drive. It should compete directly with the Honda Civic Type R and Toyota GR Corolla, but with much better performance. It reaches 100 km/h in 4.7 secondsabout 1.5 s better than direct competitors.

New trams

11 of 11 Volkswagen ID.Buzz — Photo: Disclosure
Volkswagen ID.Buzz — Photo: Disclosure

In an interview with CBNCiro Possobom, head of Volkswagen in Brazil said that the brand would sell electric cars in the region as soon as the ID.4 and ID.Buzz rental lots ended and new shipments arrived in the country.

This could happen throughout 2024. But prices could be an impediment. Currently, renting an ID.4, for example, costs at least R$6,990 per month, a similar amount to the package for an Audi A4 Prestige, which has a sales price set at R$306,000. In the case of ID.Buzz, the most affordable rent is almost R$13,000.

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