Institutional visit reinforces partnership between State and Labor Courts in Mato Grosso

Institutional visit reinforces partnership between State and Labor Courts in Mato Grosso
Institutional visit reinforces partnership between State and Labor Courts in Mato Grosso

Projects under development by the General Inspectorate of Justice of Mato Grosso (CGJ-TJMT) and action plans for the 2024/2025 management of the Regional Labor Court of Mato Grosso (TRT of the 23rd Region) were on the agenda of this Friday’s meeting ( 02). The Inspector General of Justice, Judge Juvenal Pereira, paid a courtesy visit to the TRT of the 23rd Region.

Accompanied by the assistant judge of the CGJ, Lídio Modesto, the magistrate was very well received by the president of the TRT-MT, judge Adenir Carruesco, by the Vice-President of the Court, judge Aguimar Martins Peixoto, and by the assistant judge of the Presidency of the TRT, Leda Lima . From the reception onwards, the cordial atmosphere was highlighted. A monitor welcomed judge Juvenal Pereira, who was warmly received in the TRT-MT presidency meeting room.

Among the projects of the CGJ of the Judiciary of Mato Grosso discussed at the meeting, the following stand out: Participatory Internal Affairs, which aims to bring the judiciary closer to the community; the Mandamus Pilot Project, which uses artificial intelligence to optimize compliance with warrants; Digital Inclusion Points (PIDs), which are passive rooms installed in municipalities that are not the headquarters of districts used by the population without access to the internet; and the Inclusive Notary Office, which is being developed to reintegrate women victims of domestic violence into the job market.

Judge Juvenal Pereira congratulated President Adenir Carruesco on her inauguration in December 2023 and made himself available to exchange good practices. “The institutional visit aims to exchange experiences to better provide services to society, although it is a state court and another specialized one, there is always a convergence of interest between the entities of the Judiciary. This intertwining is extremely important for citizens”, highlighted Juvenal Pereira.

Judge Adenir Carruesco shared the plans for her administration (2024/2025), highlighting those that expand gender and racial affirmative actions. She emphasized the importance of cooperation between different segments of Justice, aiming for a more efficient provision of services. “It was an honor to welcome the inspector general. Our agenda revolves around the agreements, pacts and partnerships that we can make to provide the best justice service, seeking increasingly more efficiency and a closer relationship between justice and society”, said the president of the TRT. “I was happy to see that you have very advanced projects in the social aspect and that we can share, we can copy good ideas”, added the judge, highlighting the exchange of contacts to strengthen dialogue and collaboration between the institutions.

“The visit reinforces the integration between state and labor courts in Mato Grosso, promoting joint action in favor of a fairer and more inclusive society. It was very positive”, said the assistant judge, Lídio Modesto.

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