Operation Carnival Safe warns about the risks of driving and drinking alcohol


With the carnival festivities approaching, the Federal District Traffic Department (Detran-DF) launched, this Friday (2), the Safe Carnival operation. The initiative includes educational, policing and traffic inspection actions and runs until February 14th.

The municipality works preventively, in order to guarantee road safety and traffic flow for the entire population. To this end, an advertising campaign will also be launched to increase traffic awareness during this period of revelry.

Educational activities will be carried out in shopping malls and bars in the city during Carnival | Photos: Disclosure/ Detran-DF

For the general director of Detran-DF, Takane do Nascimento, Carnival combines a lot with fun, but without neglecting safety, both for drivers and passengers, pedestrians and cyclists. “Our desire is that the population of DF can enjoy Carnival responsibly and return home without getting involved in any traffic incidents. Therefore, it is never too much to remember that alcohol and driving do not mix”, highlights the director.


This Friday (2), until 8 pm, and on Saturday (3), from 1 pm to 8 pm, the traffic education teams will be at Shopping Venâncio, with activities in the food court and at the entrance of the establishment, with the aim to raise awareness among drivers about the risk of driving vehicles under the influence of alcohol at parties.

The Traffic Education Board prepared a schedule with dozens of awareness-raising actions in bars and Carnival blocks, providing revelers with educational materials, lectures, theatrical actions, in addition to the presence of repentistas. “Our educators will be interacting directly with revelers in the bars, in the blocks, therefore, at the right time for decision-making”, said the director of Traffic Education at Detran-DF, Paula Nunam.

Other educational activities are also planned during Carnival days, which include street lectures and approaches, with the delivery of material to pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and other drivers.

Detran-DF will also be present in several carnival blocks, such as Baratinha (Parque Ana Lídia) and Galinho (Setor Bancário Sul), on Sunday (11); Baratona (Parque Ana Lídia), on Monday (12) and Tuesday (13); and Pacotão (504 Norte), on Tuesday (13). Rolê Consciente actions are still scheduled for next week in bars in Águas Claras, Cruzeiro, Asa Norte and Asa Sul.


The main focus of Operation Safe Carnival will be the fight against driving under the influence of alcohol

125 policing and traffic inspection actions are scheduled across urban roads in all administrative regions of the DF, distributed as follows: 25 blitz-type actions, 40 overt patrols with approaches and 60 demonstration points. Traffic agents will work preventively, with Demonstration Points (PDs) and patrols, in addition to carrying out blockades and large blitzes during the day and night.

Focus on Prohibition

As driving under the influence of alcohol is one of the main risk factors for traffic accidents resulting in death on long holidays, and taking into account that there is a considerable increase in the consumption of alcoholic beverages during the Carnival festivities, the main focus of Operation Carnival It is safe to combat driving under the influence of alcohol, whilst also observing other irregularities that pose a serious risk of accidents.

Campaign reinforces that the lode must opt ​​for public transport, taxi, app and friends of the moment

The Traffic Policing and Inspection Directorate will also act to curb illegal parking in residential blocks and public lawns, and it is recommended to travel in advance to events and always park regularly, even if this means leaving the vehicle for a while. further away from the concert venues.

“We all know the risk that driving under the influence of alcohol poses to traffic safety, but we want to remind road users and revelers that, if you are going to drive, do not drink alcohol, and, if you choose to drink, do so. use of public transport, taxi, app transport and friend of the day”, reinforces the director of Policing and Traffic Inspection, Clever de Farias.

Mapped locations

The Safe Carnival operation consists of increasing the presence of policing and traffic inspection teams and the number of vehicles arranged in areas where alcohol is consumed and where there is a large number of people, especially in areas adjacent to Carnival parties and events. The days, locations and times of the actions are strategically defined for those flagging alcohol levels, in order to prevent moments of relaxation and revelry from giving way to traffic tragedies.

*With information from Detran-DF

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