Physical educator who killed his wife kept knives on a shelf and organized prayer groups – Security

Physical educator who killed his wife kept knives on a shelf and organized prayer groups – Security
Physical educator who killed his wife kept knives on a shelf and organized prayer groups – Security

Antônio Márcio Ribeiro Parente e Silva, 49, physical educator arrested for stabbing and killing his wife Cristiane Lameu e Silva, 45, stabbed at the couple’s home and in front of their 11-year-old son in the Luciano Cavalcante neighborhood, kept knives on the house’s shelf for “safety” and was considered by the neighborhood to be “quiet and religious”.

During interrogation at the Fortaleza Women’s Defense Police Station (DDM), he said that during an argument with the woman he grabbed one of the knives, which was on a table, which he classified as a “moment of madness”.

One of the couple’s neighbors reported, in a statement to the Civil Police, that “never suspected” Márcio, for the man was “devoted to his family.” He even organized prayer groups with the neighborhood.

At one of these recent religious meetings, the prisoner even hinted that he was experiencing family problems and said that he “wanted to fight for his family”, according to his interrogation after the crime.

Regarding the moments before the crime, Márcio reports that he wanted to resolve disagreements he had been having with Cristiane, but they ended up getting into a physical fight and he “did something stupid”.

The suspect revealed that kept knives in a piece of furniture why “I dreamed of being a police officer and trained to pass [na prova]”. Still according to the investigation, Márcio is black belt in self defense and also a professor in the area.

According to the presentation and seizure report at the crime scene, the following were collected from the house:

  • Tactical knife
  • airsoft gun
  • Lead shotgun
  • Sword
  • Retractable iron baton

‘Great relationship’, says neighbor

Still in testimony, the neighbor, who will not be identified in this article, said that she thought the relationship between Márcio and Cristiane was “great” when she was in their presence. They developed a friendly relationship and even went out to have fun on the weekends.

She further defined the man as a person who “showed excessive concern in general, as he supported his mother and sister.”

The only negative report is that in the last six months he heard arguments, and he knew that their son witnessed them. Márcio even confided in his neighbor’s husband that they were in the process of separating, but Cristiane never commented on anything.


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