US trillion-dollar investment opens up opportunities for the SC industry

US trillion-dollar investment opens up opportunities for the SC industry
US trillion-dollar investment opens up opportunities for the SC industry

Florianópolis, 02/02/2024 – The United States government estimates investments of US$5 trillion to boost the country’s economy until 2030. The expectation includes the government’s own resources in three major programs and also private investments, which arrive as a result of the government initiative.
“The timing could not be better for the rapprochement between Brazil and the United States, as we complete 200 years of trade relations. And companies in Santa Catarina are attentive to this movement”, highlighted the acting minister of the Commercial Section of the North American Embassy in Brazil, Joel Reynoso. In the last decade, Santa Catarina was the Brazilian state that had the greatest growth in investments in the United States, going from 2% to 10%.

The interest of industries from Santa Catarina in internationalization to the United States and also in exports to the North American market is a fait accompli. The president of the Federation of Industries of Santa Catarina (FIESC), Mario Cezar de Aguiar, recalled that the USA is the main destination for exports of manufactured products produced in the state.

At Select USA, an event of the US Department of Commerce held with the support of the US consulate in Brazil this Friday (2/2) in Florianópolis, around 200 entrepreneurs from Santa Catarina were able to learn about the internationalization cases of Tupy – the first Brazilian company to open a subsidiary in the USA – of WEG, SoftExpert and also Schaefer Yachts. They also heard the experience of Whirlpool, a subsidiary of the North American giant that took the opposite path, and invested in the state with the Consul operation. “Events like these provide direction for companies looking to export and internationalize. It is a unique opportunity to learn about the trajectory of other companies to be inspired”, said Aguiar.

Trillions in opportunities

The internationalization specialist at the United States consulate general, André Leal, highlighted that the US government’s three investment programs can generate relevant business opportunities for companies wishing to access the North American market. “This is a rare moment in American history, with investments that could reach US$5 trillion in a decade. Companies operating in the infrastructure segments, for example, can benefit from US government incentives through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Agreement, approved in 2021,” he highlighted.

The second highlighted program also opens doors for Brazilian companies in a segment that has attracted a lot of attention, businesses that favor decarbonization and the generation of renewable energy sources. Investments planned to reduce US carbon emissions by 40% by 2030 reach US$430 billion. The program that encourages companies to produce semiconductors in North American territory is also an indirect business opportunity for Brazilian companies.

Santa Catarina experiences

Originating from Santa Catarina, Tupy is today the world leader in the structural components market. And the North American market plays a significant role in this achievement. “Around 60% of Tupy’s foreign revenue comes from the United States. We have 18 customers there, and we are strategic partners with these businesses, developing products together or customizing them. We have 300 different products on the North American market and in practically all of them we are the only supplier in the world”, explained the company’s CEO, Fernando Rizzo.

WEG, born in Jaraguá do Sul, made its first exports in the 1970s and the United States was the first country to receive a commercial branch of the manufacturer of electrical motors and transformers outside Brazil. “We are today the second largest company in the low voltage motor segment in the North American market and the third largest in electrical transformers”, highlighted the director of Sustainability and Institutional Relations, Daniel Godinho.

In the opposite direction, Whirlpool saw Consul in Santa Catarina as an opportunity to access technology and a market with enormous growth potential. “We have been in Brazil since 1997, and today we are the second most relevant market for Whirlpool, behind only the USA. Starting from the operation in Brazil, today we develop products for several countries. Our partnership with UFSC in the Refrigeration and Thermophysics Research Laboratories (Polo) allows us to export knowledge”, stated Whirlpool’s director of institutional relations, Eduardo Vasconcelos.


The size of the North American market, the ease of doing business and a similar culture and values ​​contribute to the attractiveness of the USA as a destination for internationalization projects. But not everything is rosy, as highlighted by Ricardo Lepper, President SoftExpert. “You need to plan, have a truly innovative product and competitive prices. Americans look for a lot of references, they want to know who their other customers are and they always look for the best. When developing your product, take their needs into account and innovate”, he recommended. Operating in the US market since 2019, SoftExpert has clients in the most diverse segments, including the area of ​​air defense, considered strategic for the country.

For Maurício Schaefer, founder of Schaefer Yachts, developing products considering the needs of the North American market is essential for the success of companies that intend to expand their business. “It is worth investing in new products focused on the USA, as they are a showcase for the world. It opens up business possibilities in other parts of the world. The perception is that if you are successful there, your product is good and your company is trustworthy”, he highlighted.

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