“Wolf of Wall Street” stuntman returns to Brazil

“Wolf of Wall Street” stuntman returns to Brazil
“Wolf of Wall Street” stuntman returns to Brazil

O first extradited (photo on the right) of the operation the wolf of Wall Street arrived in Brasília on the afternoon of this Thursday, 1st, coming from Lisbon. He is accused of being part of a criminal organization based in Portugal that controlled supposed investment companies in the financial market, with the aim of apply scams to Brazilians.

The action, led by the 9th Police Station (Lago Norte), dismantled the gang that deceived its victims through the scam of false investments in the stock exchange, known as Ghost Brokers.

After almost a year of investigations and a lot of work, today we had the pleasure of welcoming one of the criminals as he left the plane. We were unable to recover all the assets embezzled from the thousands of victims spread across Brazil, but at least they can have a little peace and the satisfaction that something was done and those responsible did not escape unscathed.”, explained delegate Erick Sallum, from the 9th DP

In March last year, in a joint operation with Interpol, six preventive arrest warrants were served, bank accounts were blocked, cryptocurrencies were seized and websites were taken down.

The extradited Brazilian was sent to the federal wing of the Papuda Penitentiary Complex. The remaining prisoners are still in Portugal, awaiting the next extradition orders brokered by the Ministry of Justice.

According to a report from The globe, a Czech citizen residing in Lisbon set up a fictitious office registered as an advertising company in Portugal. However, the real purpose of this business was to sell false investments on the stock exchange through ghost brokers. The gang leader was detained at Frankfurt Airport, Germany, when he tried to escape.

“The wolf of Wall Street”

The criminal group was inspired by the film the wolf of Wall Street to attract his victims, some of whom lost up to R$1 million. The organization’s call center was made up of four headquarters and employed hundreds of Brazilians, many of whom were illegal immigrants.

These individuals were hired to provide marketing and promotional services, with a salary of €750. Top sellers received a $50 commission on deposits made by victims.

How the gang selected victims

The preferential hiring of this public occurred due to the need for people fluent in Portuguese, as the group harassed and sought out its victims only in Brazil.

The fictitious companies constantly changed their name, and the scams were concentrated on telephone calls made during Brazilian business hours.

The minimum investment amount was US$200 (around a thousand reais) and was used to activate a fraudulent brokerage account. After opening the account and making the first deposit, the customer began to be served by a supposed specialist, who tried to extort more money from the victim by simulating gains.

Many were encouraged to take out loans, the official reported. When the customer decided to withdraw his money, he was told that he had lost everything in a bad investment.

To give an appearance of legitimacy and make victims believe it was a real investment, criminals created several fake company pages on the internet, such as Paxton Trade, Ipromarkets, Ventus Inc, Glastrox, Fgmarkets, 555 Markets and ZetaTraders.

The victims registered on these pages and used an application to make the supposed investments. However, these financial resources never actually reached the stock market.

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