Sesc offers 300 free places for sports in Manaus and in the interior of AM | Amazon

Sesc offers 300 free places for sports in Manaus and in the interior of AM | Amazon
Sesc offers 300 free places for sports in Manaus and in the interior of AM | Amazon

1 of 1 Futsal — Photo: Priscila J. Castro/Sesc AM
Futsal — Photo: Priscila J. Castro/Sesc AM

Sesc Amazonas is offering 300 free places for different sports in Manaus and in municipalities in the interior of Amazonas. Registration begins this Friday (2) and remains open until February 16th.

The “Esporte ao Reach de Todos” project has vacancies for athletics, futsal, handball, basketball, jiu-jitsu and swimming. The vacancies are distributed to different municipalities:

  • Manaus (Sesc Balneário) – 140 vacancies
  • Manaus (Sesc Comunidade) – 40 vacancies;
  • Maués – 40 places;
  • President Figueiredo – 40 vacancies;
  • Coari – 40 places.

The project includes commercial workers and their dependents, and public school students, who have a monthly family income of up to three minimum wages. Applicants must also meet the age requirement.

For units in the capital, interested parties must be between 7 and 17 years old. For other municipalities, between 7 and 12 years.

‘Sport within Everyone’s Reach’ Project

The “Sport within Everyone’s Reach” initiative aims to provide physical activity, social interaction, teamwork and discipline for children and adolescents in situations of socioeconomic vulnerability, according to Sesc.

“Our mission is to promote the well-being and quality of life of the community in general and one of the ways to achieve this goal is through sport, a powerful tool that teaches us fundamental values”, highlighted the regional director of Sesc Amazonas, Adriana Nascimento.

Registration can be made until February 16th, at the unit of interest, upon presentation of the documents required in the notice. Check the list of documents:

  • copy of the CPF and ID of the student and their legal guardian;
  • proof of residence
  • updated proof of family income.
  • presentation of the student’s and their legal guardian’s Sesc credential;
  • updated school documents of the interested party;
  • socioeconomic questionnaire;
  • declaration of family income of up to three minimum wages.

Check the addresses for in-person registration

  • Address: Avenida Constantinopla, n.288 – Alvorada neighborhood
  • Telephone: (92) 2121-5362
  • Address: Rua Jucá, n.547 – João Paulo II, Jorge Teixeira neighborhood
  • Telephone: (92) 2121-5362
  • Address: Estrada Coari Mamiá, s/nº, Bairro União
  • Telephone: (97) 3561-3203 or (97) 98117-7773
  • Address: Rua Adolfo Carneiro, s/nº, Donga Michilles
  • Telephone: (92) 3542-1451 or (92) 98400-6354

Sesc Read President Figueiredo

  • Address: Avenida Joaquim Cardoso, nº 51, José Dutra
  • Telephone: (92) 3324-1269

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