Banco24Horas expands presence in Amazonas

Banco24Horas expands presence in Amazonas
Banco24Horas expands presence in Amazonas

Manaus (AM) — Banco24Horas, which is present in the daily lives of 158 million Brazilians and has solutions that promote financial inclusion, expands its operations and reaches new locations in the municipalities of Uarini and Manaus, in the State of Amazonas, through the Atmo solution Banco24Horas. Now, residents and visitors to these cities can count on more ease and convenience to carry out their banking services.

Banco24Horas’ Atmo is a device with multi-biometric POS, which makes it possible to withdraw funds and carry out balance inquiries directly at store cashiers, safely and efficiently. The solution facilitates the recirculation of money within commerce.

With this portable device, Banco24Horas further expands its reach, which is already present in more than 1,100 cities with ATMs, especially in more distant locations with little available infrastructure.

“Banco24Horas is bringing the most modern and practical to the city to stimulate and speed up financial inclusion and the movement of the local economy”,

said Marcos Mazzi, executive manager of Banco24Horas.

For customers, the solution provides more practicality and convenience, as they can withdraw money in the same place where they make purchases. For retailers and establishment owners, the withdrawal of physical money by customers brings efficiency in the costs of managing and transporting money, in addition to reducing the amount of cash stored.

The Atmo Banco24Horas device can be found in establishments located at the following addresses:

  • Uarini (AM) – Mercado Pague Menos – Rua Luiz Bernardino, N°342, Centro
  • Manaus (AM) – Drogaria São Gabriel – Rua Criciuma, N°2261, Alvorada

Fee exemption at Banco24Horas

Individual current account bank customers can receive fee-free withdrawals every month at Banco24Horas. Regardless of the contracted package, the Central Bank determines, through resolution 3,919/2010, the benefit of 4 free withdrawals per month, considering the sum of transactions carried out on the institution’s channels and on Banco24Horas.

About Banco24Horas

Banco24Horas is a financial inclusion ecosystem present in the lives of more than 158 million Brazilians. It has different formats, such as the ATM, totem and Atmo, a compact and multi-biometric device that allows withdrawals directly from the cashier of commercial establishments, in addition to the ease of other services, such as balance consultation.

There is also a mobile solution (truck and container), Espaço Banco24Horas (own ATM self-service rooms open 24 hours a day), Banco24Horas in branches and business to business solutions, focused on generating value for the retail and advertising markets with the respective products. +Retail Banco24Horas and Media Banco24Horas.

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