Reverse logistics is strategic for the environment and dengue prevention


Amid the increase in dengue cases in the Federal District, the Secretariat for the Environment and Animal Protection (Sema) highlights the vital importance of reverse logistics in preventing arboviruses transmitted by Aedes aegypti. Carcasses of refrigerators and stoves, for example, which are often discarded inappropriately, become suitable environments for mosquito breeding sites. Aedes aegypti, disease transmitter.

Properly disposing of electronic waste is very important for the environment, avoiding soil contamination with toxic substances, and for public health, reducing possible breeding grounds for the mosquito that transmits dengue fever | Photo: Joel Rodrigues/Agência Brasília

According to the head of Sema, Gutemberg Gomes, the consumer plays a fundamental role in providing adequate disposal for these materials. “It is crucial to understand that the inappropriate disposal of everyday objects can further aggravate the situation, providing ideal environments for the proliferation of Aedes aegypti. We are committed to strengthening partnerships and implementing effective actions, including reverse logistics, to deal with this worrying reality,” he commented.

In partnership with the Brazilian Electronics Recycling Association (Abree), Sema provides the population with the opportunity to dispose of waste at voluntary delivery points or even schedule home collection. The company that will manage the collection of this material is also responsible for forwarding it to institutions that carry out recycling. They separate what can be reused and give each separate part an appropriate destination.

Disposing of electronic waste correctly is very important because most equipment contains toxic substances in its components such as flame-retardant polymers and mercury, lead and cadmium, which can contaminate soil and water, causing serious damage to health.

To request the collection of electronics at home (more than 30 kg) simply fill out the free collection form or make an appointment via WhatsApp, by calling (61) 3301-3584. It is also possible to dispose of electronic waste, in smaller volumes, at one of the nearest voluntary delivery points. The address of each unit is available at this link.

Access here more information about reverse logistics of electronic waste.

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