Indea now receives brucellosis vaccination certificate online

Indea now receives brucellosis vaccination certificate online
Indea now receives brucellosis vaccination certificate online

Vaccination certificates against brucellosis began to be sent to the Mato Grosso Agricultural Defense Institute (Indea-MT) via the internet. Until last December, the document proving vaccination against the communicable disease that attacks cattle, other animal species and humans, was only presented in person at the units that the agency has in the 139 cities of the state.

Every veterinarian who applies the vaccine must be trained by Indea. After completing the course, they receive a login and password to access the module’s reporting system.

According to the president of Indea-MT, Emanuele de Almeida, the change simplifies communication between rural producers and the State Government, in addition to freeing the breeder from having to leave the property to inform about the vaccination.

“In Mato Grosso, the vaccination period against brucellosis occurs in two stages, one in the first semester and another in the second, and all calves between 3 and 8 months must be immunized. The vaccination certificate is issued by the veterinarian, who, with the computerization of the report, communicates to Indea the vaccinated animals,” he stated.

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In the annual immunization campaigns against brucellosis, Indea receives an average of 170 thousand certificates, which prove the vaccination of 4 million calves.

Leader in the ranking of states with the highest number of cattle in the entire country, Mato Grosso has a cattle herd of more than 34.4 million animals. The quantity was collected during the herd stock update campaign, carried out between May 1st and June 15th, 2023, by Indea.


Brucellosis is a dangerous disease that brings harm to both animal and public health. In cows, it can cause fetal abortion and retained placenta after birth, and in bulls, the testicles can become inflamed and become sterile.


Rural producers in the state who do not vaccinate are subject to a fine of 1 Standard Fiscal Unit (UPF/MT) per animal, in the amount of R$ 232.18.

To control this disease, in Brazil, since 2001, cattle and buffalo breeders are obliged to vaccinate all females in the herd between three and eight months of age. In addition to slaughtering those who are proven to be sick.

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