Tourist bus is captured in a fake traffic stop and stolen by an armed gang

Tourist bus is captured in a fake traffic stop and stolen by an armed gang
Tourist bus is captured in a fake traffic stop and stolen by an armed gang

In an audacious action, six men armed with rifles and pistols robbed a tourist bus with 38 passengers in the early hours of Thursday on PR-369, between São Pedro do Ivaí and Bom Sucesso, in the north of Paraná.

Elaborate methods were used to carry out the robbery

According to the bus driver’s report to the Military Police of Paraná, the gang set up a false blitz on the highway with a car with the Federal Revenue’s plot, giroflex and cones, in addition to wearing uniforms identical to those of the Revenue agents.

Passengers surrendered and robbed by robbers

The suspects approached the vehicle and captured all occupants. The bus carried mainly Paraguayans, including seven children. Passengers were forced to strip down to their underwear, while their cellphones and personal belongings were collected and discarded in bags outside the bus.

Escape of suspects and beginning of investigations

It was reported that the suspects managed to take around R$1,000 in cash before fleeing the scene. It is important to highlight that despite the scare, none of the victims suffered physical injuries.

The Paraná Military Police, which responded to the incident, is investigating the case. The elaborate method used by criminals to carry out the robbery, imitating a Federal Revenue blitz, is one of the points of investigation.

The case shocked the local population and brought up discussions about safety on the region’s highways. Authorities are intensifying efforts to locate and arrest suspects and ensure justice is served.

Travel alerts in the region

While investigations continue, local residents and potential visitors are advised to remain vigilant when traveling on roads in the area, particularly during the night and early morning hours when these types of incidents are most common.

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