Registration for the indigenous PAA remains open until February 9th


Unprecedented in Amazonas, the program for the indigenous community is open to the state’s 62 municipalities

Family farmers from indigenous peoples and communities in Amazonas will be able to register for the Public Call for the Indigenous Food Acquisition Program (PAA) until February 9th. The public call is carried out by the Federal Government, coordinated by the State Secretariat for Rural Production (Sepror), of the Government of Amazonas.

According to the secretary of Sepror, Daniel Borges, Amazonas was benefited by the Federal Government following requests from Governor Wilson Lima, in response to the needs imposed by the occurrence of the drought in 2023, a factor that aggravated the vulnerable situation of thousands of families in all the municipalities.

“By understanding the program as an edition specifically aimed at indigenous and traditional communities, the Federal Government provides the opportunity to distribute resources in the order of R$5 million to guarantee the commercialization of family farming products, which will reach the tables of people in need at the same time that it benefits producers”, highlighted Borges.

Unprecedented in Amazonas, the first implementation of the program for the indigenous community should receive proposals from 62 municipalities in the state. For this implementation, the Government is allocating R$5 million to better serve family producers, together with traditional communities.


To register, producers will be able to present supply and documentation proposals until February 9th, from 8am to 5pm, at the Sepror headquarters, on Avenida Carlos Drummond Andrade, 1460, Japiim II neighborhood, south zone of the capital . Inland, producers can look for the local unit of the Institute for Sustainable Agricultural and Forestry Development of the State of Amazonas (Idam), a body linked to the Sepror System.

The notice prioritizes indigenous family farmers who have the Declaration of Aptitude for the National Program for Strengthening Family Agriculture (DAP-Pronaf) or the National Family Farming Registry (CAF); Declaration of Self-Definition of Ethnic Identity and Ethnic Belonging – Indigenous; and Single Registration Declaration for priority supplier farmers (Indigenous peoples).


Notice No. 02/2023-PAA/SEPROR provides more than 100 products that can be purchased through the program, provided by farmers, purchasing foodstuffs that range from the agriculture, poultry farming, fish farming, fishing and benefited regional products chain.

The notice is open to the 62 municipalities of Amazonas to purchase foodstuffs produced in indigenous areas or occupied by traditional communities. If there is not enough supply to meet the food demand of indigenous families, other family farmers in the state can also participate.

The list of qualified farmers will be published on Sepror’s official website within ten working days after the submission of proposals ends.


The Food Acquisition Program for indigenous people aims to acquire and supply foodstuffs produced in indigenous areas or occupied by traditional communities, providing families in the region with an opportunity to strengthen agriculture. Furthermore, the food purchased through the Indigenous PAA will be destined for indigenous communities.

For more information about the notice, simply access the website

PHOTOS: Isaac Maia and Emerson Martins/Sepror

Press contacts: Communication Advisory for the State Secretariat for Rural Production (Sepror) Emerson Martins

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