Afro-entrepreneurs can sign up for a free business incubator


An opportunity for black entrepreneurs to improve their business, understand how to turn a project into reality or start their own startup. This is the concept of Igualando Oportunidades, created to promote equal opportunities in cities, through technological inclusion and entrepreneurship, by democratizing access to startup, innovation and business concepts for the young black population of the DF. This initiative is part of efforts to achieve the goals of the Pact for Racial Inclusion in the Federal District’s Labor Market.

One of the mentors, Ester Sabino, has researched topics such as design, education and innovation in government, as well as professional experiences in creative strategies, branding, socio-environmental impact, communication and social mobilization | Photos: Disclosure/Secti

Participation is free and open to everyone, regardless of previous experience. Anyone interested in implementing improvements in their business or even getting an idea off the ground can participate. The activities will be carried out in a hybrid manner or in person, at the Brasília Planetarium, depending on the availability of participants and speakers, with theoretical content being possible to access virtually at any time and the lectures via the Igualando YouTube channel.

Registration can be done at this link.

The project is an initiative of the Multiplicidades Institute, carried out by the Brazilian Institute of Human, Smart, Creative and Sustainable Cities (Ibrachics), with the support of the Public Ministry of Labor of the DF and Territories (MPTDFT) and support from the Secretariat of Science, Technology and DF Innovation (Secti).


The first stage of the Igualando Oportunidades Incubator will cover the basic cycle of validating a business. Already consolidated companies will be able to revisit this moment. For companies that are being born, the validation cycle is extremely important, as this is the time to understand how the market sees the idea.

Then, the cycle of experimentation and pivoting begins, where mentees ask questions about likely customers, receive feedback and make adjustments to the business. This is the improvement cycle, which must happen periodically in all businesses to ensure that the company is always in contact with its target audience, receiving insights into its value proposition and working to improve its offer.


Percussionist, producer and educator Larissa Umaytá will participate as a mentor on February 22nd

During the incubation process, participants receive mentoring from experts in startups, personal development and communication. Discover some of the mentor profiles in these first two months:

Larissa Umaytá (@larissaumayta): percussionist, producer and educator, she grew up in the cradle of popular culture with Bumba Meu Boi by Seu Teodoro, her grandfather and, in the family’s samba circles. Larissa works on different fronts of Brazilian popular music, speaking with different languages ​​and musical genres, using percussion as a form of communication and transformation on stages, the internet and also through workshops.

Ester Sabino (@estersabino): graduated and master in design from UnB, with her research field being design, education and innovation in government, as well as professional experiences in creative strategies, branding, socio-environmental impact, communication, social mobilization and public policies with and for the design. She is currently manager of Environmental Education at the State Secretariat for the Environment of Espírito Santo, is a Global Shaper, fellow of Social Good Brasil and coordinator of the Mulheres Negras Decidem movement.

Nayana Cambraia (@nayanac): investor, social innovator and project manager. With a history of investing in community-based businesses, consulting and managing programs in governments, the private sector and the third sector, it stands out for its expertise in social technologies and change management to adapt agile methodologies for impact businesses, with experience in organizations such as Cieds, Yunus, Doctors Without Borders, Rede Mulher Empreendedora and Fundação Mapfre. Today she works as a Portfolio Manager at NESsT with Amazon businesses (bioeconomy) and businesses that promote racial equity.

Schedule for the first two months:


→ 6/2: Defining the pain that your product or service solves
→ 20/2: Definition of the persona, who feels this pain
→ 27/2: Introduction of the concept of “job to be done”, i.e. what your product or service really does for your persona
→ 5/3: Designing your customer journey. Where, how and at what moment does he look for solutions to the pain he feels?


→ Rubenilson Cerqueira: 8/2
→ Larissa Umaytá: 22/2
→ Ester Sabino: 29/2
→ Thiago Campos: 7/3
→ Nayana Cambraia: 14/3

*With information from Secti

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