Finnish investors offer the State innovative technologies to protect Amazon biodiversity


The aim is to collaborate with actions to protect biodiversity through advanced technological solutions, such as satellites, radars and other equipment

By Vinícius Leal (IDEFLOR-BIO)

02/01/2024 1:40 pm

A meeting between the delegation of Finnish investors and State representatives was held at the headquarters of the Institute for Forestry and Biodiversity Development (Ideflor-Bio), last Wednesday (31). The meeting was to offer technological solutions that help protect Amazonian biodiversity. The delegation was welcomed by the president of Ideflor-Bio, Nilson Pinto, and other directors of the environmental agency of the Government of Pará.

Led by the diplomat from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Unaldo Vieira de Souza, the meeting was attended by representatives of renowned Finnish companies, such as Nokia, Iceye and the Business Finland agency.

During the program, they presented the range of advanced technological solutions they have available, such as satellites, radars and other equipment. It is important to highlight that the European country is known for its expertise in technology and innovation, which makes it a strategic partner in maintaining the biome and also the sustainable development of the Amazon region.

On the occasion, some projects underway by the Institute were presented, such as studies for the creation of new Conservation Units, the challenges of ensuring the monitoring and protection of Amazonian biodiversity, and the restoration of degraded areas through Agroforestry Systems ( SAFs).

It is worth mentioning that with the announcement of Belém as the venue for the Conference of the Parties on Climate Change, COP-30, in November 2025, brought even more notoriety to the region. In recent times, several national and international entities are turning their attention to the capital of Pará and, mainly, to the Amazon, with the aim of collaborating with the State’s sustainability actions.

Enthusiasm – Nilson Pinto highlighted that the visit is important as it reinforces international collaboration for the preservation of the Amazon. “The partnership with Finnish companies and the use of advanced technological solutions are fundamental to strengthening actions to protect and conserve Amazonian biodiversity. We are excited to welcome this delegation and discuss possibilities for collaboration”, stated the president of Ideflor-Bio.

31e0f6a554.jpgFinnish investors have shown interest in contributing to the sustainable development of the region. They also recognized the importance of the Amazon for global environmental balance and took the opportunity to highlight the need for investments in technology and innovation to improve the monitoring and protection of biodiversity, aiming to conserve natural resources.

For Crisomar Lobato, with the expectation of more international collaborations, Pará reinforces its commitment to environmental protection and the search for innovative solutions to face the challenges of preserving this very important ecosystem: the Amazon. “The partnership between Ideflor-Bio and multinational companies can bring significant advances to the conservation of the Amazon forest and contribute to a more sustainable future”, emphasized the Institute’s director of Biodiversity Management.

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