Government of Tocantins celebrates positive results of state policies in generating more than 13 thousand new jobs in 2023


Data from the General Register of Employed and Unemployed Persons (Caged) places Tocantins in third place in job creation among states in the North region

The State of Tocantins ended 2023 with a positive balance in the number of vacancies in the job market, with 13,357 new jobs created, maintaining the upward trend in job creation. Between January and December last year, 125,355 workers were hired, compared to the 111,998 dismissals carried out. The data are from the General Register of Employed and Unemployed Persons (Caged), released last Tuesday, 30.

Among the states in the North region, Tocantins had the third best performance, behind only Pará (44,851) and Amazonas (21,996). Governor Wanderlei Barbosa celebrates the published results. “The balance of job creation was satisfactory during every month of last year, always placing us at the forefront in the North region. There was not a single month with a negative result. This demonstrates the assertiveness of the socio-economic development actions and policies adopted by our management and which will continue this year, fulfilling our commitment to care for and improve people’s lives through work and income generation”, reinforces the governor.

Once again, the services sector led the opening of new jobs, with a balance of 7,459 vacancies; Commerce came in second, with the opening of 2,956 vacancies. Next, agribusiness appeared (1,423); industry (1,010); and civil construction (509).

Also according to Caged data, the city with the highest job creation rate was Palmas, with a balance of 5,464 vacancies. The Capital was accompanied by Araguaína, with 2,474, and Gurupi, with 834.

The positive balance in job creation throughout the State has also been driven by public policies implemented by the State Secretariat for Industry, Commerce and Services (Sics), which has maintained its focus on attracting new investments, improving the business environment and workforce training, enabling the establishment of companies.

“Governor Wanderlei Barbosa’s determination is the execution of State public policies, which reach all Tocantins residents and are long-lasting. It is with this in mind that we have been working since the beginning of the administration, confirming the positive result of job creation. In 2024, we will strive to intensify these results”, stated the portfolio manager, Carlos Humberto Lima.

Source: Secom-TO

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