Mayor of Fortaleza says he will make a ‘very reasonable proposal’ to readjust the teaching floor – PontoPoder

Mayor of Fortaleza says he will make a ‘very reasonable proposal’ to readjust the teaching floor – PontoPoder
Mayor of Fortaleza says he will make a ‘very reasonable proposal’ to readjust the teaching floor – PontoPoder

The mayor José Sarto (PDT) stated that he must present a “very reasonable” proposal for the salary adjustment of teachers in Fortaleza. A meeting is scheduled for this Friday (2) between the municipal management and the category — which has been on strike since last Monday (29). The statement was made this Thursday morning (1st), before the start of the session to reopen work at the Fortaleza City Council. Teaching professionals were present and followed the ceremony in the gallery and auditorium of the House.

Finance Secretary of the Union of Education Workers of Fortaleza (Sindiute), Gardênia Baima explained that the intention of the demonstration was to seek the “intermediation” of the City Council in negotiations with the City Hall. “Due to the opening of the work, we returned to our schedule to carry out this dialogue to propose to the Chamber that, as the responsible institution, including the city, it can mediate the debate with the City of Fortaleza”, she said.

The category requests a salary increase of 10.09%. Asked whether it would meet the expectations of teaching professionals, Sarto preferred not to mention the percentage of adjustment that will be proposed by City Hall.

“I’m going to reaffirm here what I’ve already said before: we guarantee the floor, which is indisputable. It’s the law and I can’t escape the law and we’re going to move forward. We’re going to move forward. I think we’re going to make a very reasonable proposal, even where we can with responsibility and sensitivity”, he reinforced.

He pointed out that there are some limitations due to legislation in an election year and, therefore, it will be necessary for management to take some elements into account. “There is complete compliance. First, the legality of the act. Second, the capacity and sensitivity that we have. I think it will go well”, he projects.

Turmoil at the session

The demonstration by teachers was not the only one in this Thursday’s formal session. Representatives from SindSaúde started a protest inside the House plenary, which was joined by councilor Enfermeira Ana Paula (PDT).

The protest ended up interrupting Sarto’s speech in the City Council gallery. The president of the Chamber, Gardel Rolim (PDT), tried to remove the parliamentarian from the protest in the middle of the Plenary to follow the mayor’s speech, but tempers flared, resulting in the attack on councilor Cláudia Gomes (PSDB) who was trying to intervene in the episode.

Faced with Cláudia Gomes’ attempts to remove Ana Paula from the tribune, while she was speaking in an altered manner against the President of the House, Ana Paula slapped the councilwoman in the face, pushing her. They had to be separated by other parliamentarians and advisors who were nearby at the time of the fight and the session ended up being interrupted.

After the riot, Mayor Sarto called the episode “regrettable” and “anti-democracy”. He took the opportunity to highlight the democratic nature of the protests made by teaching professionals, who, at a certain point in the speech, booed the mayor.

“Anyone who is a parliamentarian who has never been booed has to learn to be, to listen to the contradictory. However, when I said that the floor was guaranteed, the teachers were very kind and remained quiet. So, the regrettable episode of anti-democracy did not It was on the part of the teachers. On the contrary, the teachers are helping us to educate”, he highlighted.

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