Public transport is one of the biggest problems in DF, says Ibaneis

Public transport is one of the biggest problems in DF, says Ibaneis
Public transport is one of the biggest problems in DF, says Ibaneis

Public transport is one of the biggest problems in the Federal District, according to governor Ibaneis Rocha (MDB). He spoke to district deputies this Thursday (1/2), said that the government has been holding back a possible increase in tickets and cited improvements planned for 2024.

“We have a very big challenge here in the Federal District, which is the issue of public transport. I have been following the debates here in the Chamber, we have been holding on in the best possible way, without making adjustments, without causing greater harm to the population of the Federal District. But I say that today one of the biggest problems we have is our public transport system”, he assessed.

According to the governor, there are advances planned for this year. “We are already concluding the tender for the Samambaia Metro Terminal. We recently launched the tender for the expansion of the Ceilândia metro. We have the possibility of renewing our trains with the Ministry of Cities, we are there with R$900 million, and we are looking for resources to renew the metro trains,” he said.

The governor’s speech at the DF Legislative Chamber (CLDF) also highlighted figures on the cost of public transport, which according to Ibaneis, exceeds R$2 billion. “And we know that the population does not like it, that the population is not satisfied with the public transport they have and that we have to increasingly improve what is at home”, he commented.

Ibaneis also stated that he has been working to change this scenario and reduce costs. “We now have a proposal that has been discussed, now which is the issue of removing the collectors, but it is a discussion that is being taken with full responsibility, with the union sitting at the table, with the guarantee of the employment of these people within the companies , so that we can retrain them to provide services in other areas within the companies.”

The measure could bring a reduction in transport costs of around 20%. “But this is being taken with all responsibility so as not to leave anyone unemployed”, she concluded.


Another serious problem faced by the population of the Federal District is violence against women. O Metropolises showed that the DF recorded, in 2023, the highest number of femicides in history. Ibaneis said he hoped, with the presence of the general commander of the DF Military Police (PMDF), Ana Paula Barros Habka, to advance in the fight.

“It is a very important issue that concerns us. There has been a lot of progress, unfortunately, and we have to create awareness work, together with the Women’s Secretariat, the Judiciary, the Public Ministry, expanding all this service. And once again I thank the Legislative Chamber for approving the project here that deals with the children of victims of feminicide. It is a very important project. Beneficiaries are already being registered to be able to receive this amount and help in the lives of these families who lost their mothers.”

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