ES registered 34,202 new jobs with a formal contract in 2023

ES registered 34,202 new jobs with a formal contract in 2023
ES registered 34,202 new jobs with a formal contract in 2023

Espírito Santo recorded an accumulated balance of over 34,202 new jobs with a formal contract in 2023. The data is from the New General Register of Employed and Unemployed People (Novo Caged), from the Ministry of Labor and Employment (MTE), released this Wednesday- fair (30), and are available in the Formal Employment review carried out monthly by the Jones dos Santos Neves Institute (IJSN).

The sectors that generated the most opportunities for people from Espírito Santo in 2023 were Services, with a balance of +14,420, Commerce, +8,548 and Construction, +5,549. Industry, with +5,489 new jobs and Agriculture, with +201 complete the balance by large group of economic activity.

The vice-governor and Secretary of State for Development, Ricardo Ferraço, spoke about the positive numbers recorded by the Espírito Santo economy in 2023. “The State stood out in transparency, competitiveness, infrastructure, the considerable volume of public investments and in relation to job creation we broke a record in the historical series. We also had numerous deliveries, such as important works aimed at mobility, education, health and people training,” he said.

Ricardo Ferraço also highlighted the training offered by the Qualificar ES program, in addition to the boost provided by private investments and State Government actions. “All of this contributes to the economy moving forward. The creation of jobs is a reflection of this environment. In 2024 we want to overcome, double our commitment so that it is another year of prosperity for Espírito Santo”, he pointed out.

According to Novo Caged, of the total balance of new positions created, 20,234 were occupied by men and 13,969 by women. In relation to age group, the majority of vacancies were filled by young people between 18 and 24 years old (26,232). Regarding the level of education, most jobs were occupied by people with a high school diploma (27,398).

Throughout the year, all balances were positive, with emphasis on the month of May, which recorded the highest balance of the year, reaching +13,575 new jobs created. The only exception was the month of December, which, as usual, recorded a negative balance of -6,870 bonds.

“The month of December traditionally presents negative data for formal employment due to the termination of temporary contracts at the end of the year”, explained the director of Integration at IJSN, Antonio Rocha.

Since the beginning of the series analyzed by Novo Caged, which began in January 2020, 135,443 new jobs have been created in Espírito Santo. The stock of formal jobs in the State reached 850,760 positions, a positive variation of +4.19% compared to 2022.

“Espírito Santo has been standing out in job creation. In the last four years, more than 135 thousand new jobs with a formal contract were created here in the State. Also noteworthy is the reduction in the unemployment rate, which reached 5.5% in the third quarter of 2023, the lowest in the historical series”, stated the general director of the Jones dos Santos Neves Institute, Pablo Lira.


In the third quarter of 2023, Espírito Santo recorded an unemployment rate of 5.5%, the lowest in the historical series that began in 2014. The result was below the national average, which was 7.7%, leaving the State in eighth place lowest rate among the federation units.

The data are part of the Continuous National Household Sample Survey (PNADC), prepared by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE).

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