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Credit: Kadu Souza/Government of Tocantins

On the morning of this Thursday, 1st, representatives from the Secretariat of Culture (Secult) and the Brazilian Support Service for Micro and Small Businesses of Tocantins (Sebrae) met to discuss the signing of a partnership focused on Tocantins crafts and their potential commercial. Present were the Secretary of Culture Tião Pinheiro, the executive secretary Valéria Kurovski, the superintendent of Promotion and Incentive to Culture, Kátia Maia Flores, the superintendent director of Sebrae, Rérison Antônio, the coordinator of the Craft Portfolio, Celina Soares, the manager from the Institutional Relations Unit, Gilsane Pereira, and the coordinator of the Entrepreneurial Governance program, Edglei Rodrigues.

During the meeting, in addition to discussing the current cultural scenario in Tocantins, highlighting the favorable moment not only within the State Government, but also within the Federal Government, with the launch of laws and incentive programs for the sector, managers discussed ways to work together to stimulate the development of Tocantins crafts, highlighted within and outside the State.

“People often see culture disregarding its economic bias, but the two sectors are completely related to each other. Our intention is to help craft professionals so that they can explore their full potential and increase the scope of their work”, stated secretary Tião Pinheiro.

Present at the meeting, superintendent Kátia Maia Flores, presented the department’s future projects, with the holding of the first craft fair in Tocantins, foreseen in the 2024 action execution plan, and highlighted the importance of the partnership between Secult and Sebrae. “Tocantins crafts have great potential, but they need investment in design, innovation and cooperativism. We need to invest a lot in these three items”, she highlighted.

When talking about the partnership between the institutions, Rérison Antônio highlighted the importance of transversality and working together. “Today, social development, cultural development, environmental protection and social sustainability, so to speak, complement each other. Sebrae has already been encouraging culture, crafts and promoting these small businesses, which are often the livelihood of families. I think we have a lot to add to Secult and I believe that holding a fair will be very important to crown the work that has been done”, he said.

The formalization of the partnership between the Secretariat of Culture and Sebrae will be done through an agreement to be officially signed soon.


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