CIOPS completes 20 years as the main channel of access to services provided by the Public Security System to the population of the Big Island


A ceremony held in the auditorium of Colégio Militar Tiradentes I, in São Luís, this Wednesday (31), marked the twentieth anniversary of the Integrated Security Operations Center (CIOPS). The occasion brought together several members of the state security forces, including many who contributed to the solidification of the body, the main means of accessing the emergency services provided by the Maranhão Public Security System to the population of the Grand Island.

“CIOPS is an extremely important tool for the Maranhão Public Security System. It is through him that we are able to reach the population of the Big Island and respond to their requests. Throughout our existence, we have seen a lot of evolution and innovation, and we have been working so that we can increasingly offer a quality service to the population”, highlighted the Secretary of Public Security, Maurício Martins.

For 20 years, the body has integrated service services from the Military Police, Civil Police, Fire Department and Official Forensic Science, including the Legal Medical Institute, Criminalistics Institute and the Death Verification Service. More recently, based on a cooperation agreement signed with the City of São Luís, the agency also started to activate the Municipal Department of Traffic and Transport (SMTT).

Integrated work for the benefit of the population

The integration of institutions and information and communication technologies makes it possible for CIOPS to accompany the security agent in action, guiding their procedures, providing them with all the information they need, in addition to quickly and efficiently moving specialized resources for support and operational support.

Current general director of CIOPS, Colonel Wallace de Sousa highlighted that the body exists as a facilitator between society and essential services in an emergency situation, bringing together on two phones (190 and 193) everything the citizen needs, i.e. , is an interface that relieves the population from researching and understanding responsibilities in moments such as police incidents, reports of flagrant crimes, rescuing victims, among others.

“We are proud that, for 20 years, we have acted responsibly on behalf of the population of Grande Ilha, which is the largest region in our state. Over all this time, we have evolved with technologies that have allowed us to expand our capacity to serve citizens, such as facial identification and license plate cameras, which are one of our greatest aids in responding to incidents,” he said.

Still according to Colonel Wallace de Sousa, CIOPS has undergone several transformations over the years and, today, it has a solid foundation and is already recognized by the entire population of São Luís and the Metropolitan Region as the main channel to be activated in emergency situations, proof of this are the approximately 180 thousand calls answered in 2023 alone, a fact that also demonstrates response capacity, both preventive and repressive.


As a premise, CIOPS brings together all the security institutions that make up the system to work together, aiming for tranquility and social order. In recognition of this integrated work, the general director of CIOPS took advantage of the ceremony to celebrate the partnership and honor each of the forces’ representatives with a certificate that symbolizes their commitment to serving the population.

In addition to former civil servants and civil servants who work at CIOPS, the Undersecretary of Public Security, Marcos Brito, were also honored; Colonel José de Ribamar Costa, representing the commander of the Maranhão Military Police; the general delegate of the Civil Police of Maranhão, Jair Paiva; Colonel Francisco dos Anjos, representing the commander of the Maranhão Military Fire Department; the Interior Expertise coordinator, Miguel Alves, representing the Official Expertise of Maranhão; and the former Secretary of Public Security, Raimundo Cutrim.

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Ciops operates 24 hours a day with teams of specialized servers and the assistance of 230 cameras in São Luís and the Metropolitan Region, including those for license plate identification and facial recognition, aiming to provide a quality service in response to the demands of the general population.

There are, at the agency’s headquarters, three sectors responsible for managing service and dealing with incidents, they are: teleservice, video monitoring and dispatch. Both are interdependent so that incidents are properly processed and attended to in a timely manner, aiming for the safety of the complainant, whether he is a victim or just an informant of the incident involving third parties.

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