Community restaurants in DF can receive Pix from this 5th

Community restaurants in DF can receive Pix from this 5th
Community restaurants in DF can receive Pix from this 5th

This Thursday (1/2) the deadline for community restaurants in the Federal District to adapt to adopt Pix as a form of payment ends – in addition to cash and, in some cases, debit cards or Prato Cheio.

The text of Law No. 7,300/2023, which deals with the topic, was sanctioned by governor Ibaneis Rocha (MDB) on July 25, 2023. However, the decree that regulates the rule, signed on January 3, gave 30 days as limit for suitability of all establishments.

The law, authored by district deputy Joaquim Roriz Neto (PL), provides that restaurants are responsible for publicizing the new payment method, as well as making the Pix key available to consumers.

The measure aims to reduce the lack of change, a recurring problem in some units, and ensure greater security for financial operations. The rule applies to all 16 existing and future restaurants.

Supervision of the operationalization of the new payment method will be the responsibility of the Department of Social Development (Sedes-DF).

In case of problems in the system that make it impossible to use Pix, you will need to pay in cash – or with debit cards and Prato Cheio, in the case of the Arniqueira, Planaltina, Recanto das Emas and Sobradinho units.

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