123 miles is the target of a police operation in Minas Gerais


17 search and seizure warrants are executed; company states that it has always been available to the authorities

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February 1, 2024 at 12:26 pm

The Civil Police and the Public Ministry of Minas Gerais carried out this Thursday morning (1st) 17 search and seizure warrants against members of the economic group of which the company 123 Milhas is part, which intermediates the sale of airline tickets, which is under judicial recovery with debts of R$2.3 billion.

Named Mapa de Milhas, the operation is linked to an investigation that investigates suspicions of a criminal association to commit fraud. According to the Public Ministry, the practice would have caused millions of dollars in losses to thousands of people across the country.

The group’s companies are HotMilhas and the holding company Novum, owner of 123Milhas. The warrants are served in Belo Horizonte (MG). The company, in a statement, said that it has always made itself available to the authorities.

Photo: Juca Varella/Agência Brasil

“The company made all its tax documentation, as well as that of its partners, available to the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry into Financial Pyramids. 123Milhas managers are currently dedicated to the judicial recovery process to settle all debts with creditors”, said the company, in a statement.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office investigation also investigates possible money laundering, through the use of “financial and corporate strategies with the aim of concealing and concealing values ​​and assets”.

123Milhas entered into judicial recovery on August 31, 2023. The process was suspended by the courts, was resumed in December 2023, and suspended again on the 26th.

At the time of the request for judicial recovery, the company announced staff cuts that would involve around 200 employees. The debts declared to the Court total R$2.3 billion.

In the weeks leading up to the request for judicial recovery, 123Milhas suspended packages and tickets from the Promo123 line, which do not have a defined date, which offered prices below those practiced in the market.

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