Rio records more than 17 thousand cases of dengue this year


In the first four weeks of 2024, Rio de Janeiro registered more than 17 thousand probable cases of dengue and two confirmed deaths. In the same period last year, there were around 1,400 cases.

The spread of the disease at the beginning of the year is intense in the country, with the Federal District in the lead, followed by Minas Gerais, Acre, Paraná, Goiás, Espírito Santo and Rio de Janeiro.

The latest edition of the Dengue Panorama bulletin, produced by the Rio Health Department, shows that the highest rates and the fastest progress are in the cities closest to the states of Minas Gerais and São Paulo.

But, on the other hand, the highlight is Niterói, in the metropolitan region of Rio, with only three cases of dengue this year. The city is the only one in the country served 100% by the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation project. The mosquito that transmits the disease, Aedes aegyptiis modified in the laboratory, where researchers inject Wolbachia bacteria into females and interrupt the reproduction cycle.

The project is also underway in the municipalities of Rio de Janeiro, Campo Grande, Belo Horizonte and Petrolina and is in the testing phase in six other cities in the country

The Undersecretary of Surveillance and Primary Health Care of Rio de Janeiro, Mário Sérgio Ribeiro, recognizes that the speed of dengue transmission in January is the highest in the last 10 years, which he considers worrying.

Mário Sérgio emphasized that, in addition to the measures to combat the disease, the population must continue to do their part, dedicating ten minutes a day to check and remove outbreaks of the dengue-transmitting mosquito at home or at work.

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