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The City of Toropi, in Rio Grande do Sul, announced the opening of two selection processes aimed at hiring professionals on a temporary basis. These selections aim to fill positions for Tax and Environmental Health Inspector, offering unique opportunities for local citizens and the region.

To apply for vacancies, you must have secondary education and a National Driving License (CNH) category B.

The professionals selected for the vacancies offered by Toropi City Hall will be hired to perform their duties in 44-hour working hours per week, with a monthly remuneration of R$3,030.22.

SEE NOTICE 02/2024

SEE NOTICE 03/2024


Toropi City Hall opened two selection processes.

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Find out how to participate

Registration can be made until February 9, 2024, through the city hall website.

Classification will be based on proof of qualifications and experience, based on the scoring criteria stipulated in the notice.

How to study for the Toropi competition

To adequately prepare for the Toropi City Council selection processes, it is important to adopt a consistent study routine, which includes reviewing video classes, reading PDF materials and constant practice with questions from previous competitions. Incorporating the use of platforms such as Qconcursos into your preparation, which offers a wide range of educational resources, can be an effective strategy to improve learning and increase the chances of success.

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