SPFC negotiates reserve midfielder with Spanish football

SPFC negotiates reserve midfielder with Spanish football
SPFC negotiates reserve midfielder with Spanish football

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São Paulo should see the departure of a player little used in the squad

André Salem
on 02/01/2024 12:48 pm ∙ Updated 1 minute ago

Méndez in action with the SPFC shirt (Rubens Chiri/São Paulo)

Outside of São Paulo’s plans, midfielder Jhegson Méndez should be leaving the club. Without taking the field since October last year, the midfielder lost even more space this year.

So, according to journalist César Merlo, a specialist in the football market, SPFC is negotiating Méndez’s loan with a club in Spain. The loan would last until June, with an option to purchase. The name of the club was not revealed, but the negotiation should conclude today.

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Leaving is a desire of the club and the player

The negotiation must be concluded because this is the desire of both parties. On the SPFC side, Méndez is not part of the plans for 2024 and would be a relief on the salary bill.

As for the player, he wants to leave the club so he can play more. It is worth noting that the midfielder has been called up to the Ecuador national team since 2018. So, being “standing still”, he could also be removed from the team.

Career of Jhegson Méndez

Méndez was revealed by Independiente del Valle-EQU in 2015, where he stood out and caught the attention of football in the United States.

Then, in 2019, he went to Orlando City and in 2022, to Los Angeles FC. He arrived at SPFC in January 2023 and was part of the group that won the Copa do Brasil.

The Ecuadorian has already played 36 matches for the main team. He was at the 2021 Copa América.

São Paulo’s next appointment

Undefeated this season, São Paulo returns to the field next Sunday (04), at 4pm, against Palmeiras, in a classic that is worth the Brazilian Super Cup.

Tricolor comes packed after beating Corinthians for the first time in history at the Neo Química Arena. Last Tuesday (30), SPFC dominated their rival and won 2-1.

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