UNIRIO publishes two new competition notices for teachers

UNIRIO publishes two new competition notices for teachers
UNIRIO publishes two new competition notices for teachers

Attention competitors! Two new notices were published with the opening of a public competition in Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro (UNIRIO). The competitions will fill two vacancies in the role of Professor in the Higher Education Career.

Registration opening

Closes registrations

Test date

Salaries up to
R$ 10,481.64

Total vacancies


Registration must be completed from 9am on February 1st until 11:59pm on March 1st, 2024 for Mathematics subject, by email [email protected] and the 10 am on February 1st until 5 pm on April 1st, 2024 for the Psychology area, via email [email protected]. The registration fee will be R$120.00.

When registering, the candidate must attach the registration form, available at www.unirio.br/progepe/FichadeinscrioCPPTdocente.pdf, duly completed.

Candidates who fall into one of the following situations will be entitled to exemption from the registration fee for the public examination, in accordance with Law No. 13,656/2018:

  • Belong to a family registered in the Single Registry for Social Programs (CadÚnico), of the Federal Government, whose monthly per capita family income is less than or equal to half the national minimum wage;
  • Be registered as bone marrow donors with entities recognized by the Ministry of Health.


  • Mathematics Education/Supervised Internship, Technologies for teaching Mathematics, Linear Algebra (1) – Requires a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and a doctorate in mathematics teaching, mathematics education or education;
  • Psychology/Childhood Psychology – Psychology and Education – Thought and Language/Childhood Psychology – Educational Psychology – Thought and Language – Introduction to Psychology (1) – Requires a degree in psychology, in addition to a master’s or doctorate in humanities or interdisciplinary sciences.

UNIRIO exams

The competition will take place through stages of a written test, didactic test and title test. The written tests will take place on May 6th and 20th, on a date, time and location to be confirmed.

The topic of the written test will be drawn from a list of at least 5 and a maximum of 10 points, drawn up by the Examining Committee. Candidates will have 4 hours to respond.

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