VG recommends the use of masks in schools, churches and workplaces

VG recommends the use of masks in schools, churches and workplaces
VG recommends the use of masks in schools, churches and workplaces

Gilberto Leite | Estadão Mato Grosso

Gilberto Leite | Estadão Mato Grosso

With the increase in new positive cases of covid-19 and the identification of a new subvariant, JN 2.5, which is a variation of omicron in Mato Grosso, the Municipal Health Department of Várzea Grande defined measures to prevent the number of cases from grow even more among the population. Among them, the active search for unvaccinated people and the recommendation to use masks in closed places, such as churches, schools and workplaces.

In the case of schools, Health Secretary Gonçalo Barros explains that a strategic meeting will be held with the municipal education manager to recommend the use of masks inside the classroom.

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“We have been reinforcing the importance of vaccination, especially among the elderly, as they are more vulnerable to respiratory diseases. We also reinforce the concern about the serious forms of Covid that can be avoided with immunization”, he highlights.

According to the secretary, the municipality has been monitoring mutations of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. “We know that the Covid-19 virus is highly changeable. The more people vaccinated and with an updated card, the lower the risk of an increase in serious cases, as occurred in previous years”, he highlighted.

Gonçalo explains that the biggest concern now is due to the new subvariant. According to him, of the four patients who tested positive for the disease and were hospitalized, two are from Várzea Grande. Three were discharged from hospital and are being monitored, while one died.

Rapid evolution of positive cases:

According to the SMS, from 12/31/2023 to 01/6/2024, corresponding to the first week of January, 25 cases of covid-19 were confirmed. In the second week, from 01/7/24 to 01/13/24, 44 cases were recorded. In the third week, between January 14th and 20th, confirmations rose to 118, and from January 21st to 27th, cases increased even further, totaling 299, with a total of 486 confirmed cases in January alone.

In the period from 12/31/2023 to 01/27/2024, around 1,330 people suspected of having the disease were treated. At the Ipase UPA, there were 588 visits due to suspected illness, and at the Cristo Rei UPA, 419 people were treated.

Hospital situation

There was an average of 14 hospitalizations of residents due to Covid, with 9 discharges, one death, 2 people transferred by the Single Regulation Center and two remain hospitalized. There were 25 people admitted to health units in the municipality and not residents of Várzea Grande this month.

The recommendation is that people with flu symptoms look for a health unit close to their home and undergo a medical consultation. The signs and symptoms of coronavirus are mainly respiratory, similar to a cold, and can also cause lower respiratory tract infections, such as pneumonia.

When to take the test?
The test seeks to find SARS-CoV-2 proteins and must be carried out from the 3rd day of suspected symptoms. Its methodology is more agile and cheaper, using immunochromatography, which generates color from a reaction between the antigen and the antibody.

Patients without symptoms who test positive must preventively enter isolation for seven days. People with the flu or respiratory syndromes must quarantine at home for at least five full days, even if they test negative during that period.

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