ES restructures agricultural fairs with the transfer of new stalls


The trade of agricultural products at fairs in Espírito Santo begins to improve with the start of deliveries of 250 stalls to rural producers in 15 municipalities. The investment is around R$800,000 and is transferred by the Government of Espírito Santo, through the Secretariat of Agriculture, Supply, Aquaculture and Fisheries (Seag). The objective is to encourage family farming and generate employment and income for rural families.

The market stalls will be used for the development and implementation of organic and conventional fairs, with the aim of stimulating commercialization and propagation of family farming products.

“The delivery of new stalls contributes to the trade of food produced by family farmers, enabling the separation, storage and display of food in a welcoming environment for customers”, pointed out the Secretary of State for Agriculture, Enio Bergoli.

The first municipality to receive the stalls was Colatina, this Wednesday (31), which now has new and suitable structures for the local organic fair. In the coming weeks, other stalls will also arrive in the municipalities of Vila Pavão, Vargem Alta, Iconha, Boa Esperança, Cachoeiro de Itapemirim, Alegre, Pinheiros, Santa Leopoldina, Ibatiba, Bom Jesus do Norte, Ponto Belo, Apiacá, Muqui and Águia Branca. .

“The work carried out by Seag aims to expand and modernize the marketing spaces for family farming, establishing a direct sales channel with the end consumer, and providing an increase in the income of rural families”, assesses the secretary.

The market stalls distributed are made of galvanized steel and canvas. The roof measures three meters wide by 2.5 meters deep. The benches are three meters long by 1.1 meters wide.

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