Man who had his penis cut off seeks compensation for leaked photos

Man who had his penis cut off seeks compensation for leaked photos
Man who had his penis cut off seeks compensation for leaked photos

After having intimate photos leaked, gas station attendant Gilberto Nogueira de Oliveira, 39, who had his penis amputated by his wife, opened a lawsuit against the Cerejeiras Emergency Care Unit (UPA) and the São Francisco Paulista University Hospital.

The man asks for R$500,000 for violating medical confidentiality and moral damages. The information is from the True Crime column, by journalist and writer Ullisses Campbell, in the newspaper O Globo.

On December 22, 2023, Daiane dos Santos Nogueira, 34, cut her husband’s genitals with a razor after discovering an alleged betrayal with her own niece, just 15 years old. The crime occurred in Atibaia, in the interior of São Paulo.

Shortly after emasculation, the victim sought medical care in both units, where, according to reports, his injury was photographed by doctors and nurses — whom he considers responsible for sharing the images, which went viral on social media.

However, the first images of the amputated penis to circulate on the internet were taken by the partner herself. As soon as she cut the organ, she took a photo and sent it to the group of family and residents of the city of Atibaia.


Atibiaia couple: woman cut off her husband’s penis out of jealousy
Gilberto had his penis cut off by Daiane after discovering cheating
Woman was arrested after discovering cheating and cutting off her husband’s penis


The crime


Motivated by jealousy and a recent discovery of Gilberto’s betrayal with his niece, Daiane reported to the police that she committed the crime to take revenge on her husband.

According to the accused’s testimony, she simulated the beginning of a sexual relationship with Gilberto. During the sexual act, the woman tied his hands using panties and, as soon as his penis was erect, she cut the organ.

The woman even threw her genitals into a toilet and allegedly triggered the flush, with the aim of preventing the penis from being reimplanted.

On January 19, Daiane became a defendant for attempted murder following a complaint from the Public Prosecutor’s Office. She is currently in Piracaia jail, where she awaits trial in the Jury Court.

Gilberto forgave his wife after having his penis cut off

Last year, Gilberto revealed that he forgives his wife’s rage and that he will try to get a prosthesis.

In an interview with TV Thathi, in Campinas, he reported that his wife’s attack was “a tragedy”. “She’s paying for this,” he said.

Despite stating that the woman “marked his life negatively forever”, the man said that, on his part, “she is forgiven”: “The truth is that the one who has to forgive is God”.

A month after the crime, Gilberto works as an app driver and has to deal with the gaze and curiosity of passengers, who often recognize him due to the leak of intimate photos on the internet.

“He has been ashamed, he feels humiliated not only for having his penis amputated, but also for being pointed at in the street. Gilberto is often a laughing stock”, declared lawyer Graciele Queiroz.

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