Detran-MA has not paid security guards for two months, says union president

Detran-MA has not paid security guards for two months, says union president
Detran-MA has not paid security guards for two months, says union president

At least 200 security guards from an outsourced company that provides services to the Government of Maranhão have had their salaries delayed for two months and their 13th salary has not been paid. The complaint was made by the Maranhão Security Guards Union to the Diffuser ON.

The financial crisis intensified with the revelation that the State Department of Traffic of Maranhão (Detran-MA) had not passed on the payment to the company that provides surveillance services at the agency.

In view of this, a group decided to protest in the Detran-MA courtyard this Thursday morning (01). The workers, represented by the Security Guards Union, expressed outrage at the precarious situation.

The president of the union, Daniel Pavão, stated that the lack of payment jeopardizes the workers’ livelihood. “When you’re two months behind on your salary, you’re already missing beans, you’re missing rice, you’re missing rent, you’re missing everything. So the condition became precarious for all of us who work as security guards”, he said.

According to him, the security guards were forced to return to duty, under threat of dismissal. According to the complaint, the license plates of the protesters’ cars were photographed, as a form of intimidation, and the Military Police were called by the agency.

“They made us turn off the speaker, not say anything. They ceased the voice of the union, arbitrarily, and threatened to fire anyone who did not return to work”, stated the president.

O Diffuser ON requested a note from the state to talk about the allegations, but so far has not received a response.

Recurring complaint

In 2024, several public servants from the state network, in several municipalities in Maranhão, made complaints about late payments, 13th third party and other labor benefits.

On the 15th, maids looked for the Diffuser ON to report three months of unpaid wages. At the time, the State Department of Education (Seduc) did not comment on the reason why outsourced companies are not paying employees.

Three days earlier, the gatekeepers of the state education network revealed a two-month delay in salaries and benefits. In this case, Seduc said that the company Martins e Reis LTDA had been notified and that the situation would be resolved by the end of January.

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