Accused of murdering father and mother kills cellmate by hanging

Accused of murdering father and mother kills cellmate by hanging
Accused of murdering father and mother kills cellmate by hanging

Arrested for killing his mother in Piauí, Victor Gabriel de Paula Nunes, 22 years old, is accused of killing a cellmate at the Dom Abel Nunes prison, in the municipality of Bom Jesus (PI). The information was confirmed to the Mail by the state Department of Public Security. In 2019, the killer stabbed his father to death in the Federal District and was acquitted by the courts at the time.

On January 25, Victor was arrested in Corrente, Piauí, accused of killing his mother. Benedita Silva Nunes, 49, was found dead inside her home with stab wounds to her face and a beating. The crime happened around 6pm.

According to neighbors interviewed by the Military Police, mother and son had constant fights. Investigators believe that Victor attacked his mother with an iron bar, then stabbed her. The boy fled the place, but was located by the Military Police and taken to the Corrente police station.

Dead in cell

On Wednesday morning (31/1), the prisoner who shared a cell with Victor was found dead. The victim was identified as Misael Ferreira. Victor would have murdered the boy by hanging him with a towel.

Crime in DF

In 2019, when he was 18 years old, Victor was arrested on suspicion of having murdered his own father with six knife blows, in Ceilândia, in the Federal District.

At the time, the suspect told the PM that the murder happened after an argument with his father. The military said that when they arrived at the scene, the young man still had the knife in his hand. The argument between father and son reportedly happened because the father didn’t want his son to smoke marijuana at home.

At the time, he was acquitted of the crime and was hospitalized for at least a year by court order, after presenting a report with a diagnosis of mental disorders.

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