Sebrae consolidates strategic axes to strengthen small businesses in Mato Grosso


Sebrae/MT (Support Service for Micro and Small Businesses in Mato Grosso) consolidated the five strategic axes that will promote and strengthen entrepreneurship in 2024, through the products and services offered by the institution. During Start Sebrae, held this Tuesday and Wednesday (30th and 31st), entrepreneurs were able to learn about the main projects and market trends integrated through the axes of Sustainability, Innovation, Territorial Development, Entrepreneurial Education and Business Market.

Sebrae/MT products were presented in an innovative and strategic circuit, where visitors were able to dialogue and interact with the institution’s managers. “An event like this, in addition to sharing good practices, also brings together people with the same purposes in search of knowledge and improvements in their businesses, this is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs”, highlighted speaker João Kepler.

The manager responsible for Sebrae/MT’s Sustainability and Innovation axes, Fernando Holanda, highlighted the importance of these processes in all services offered by the institution as a driver of change, which boosts companies’ ability to adapt and differentiate, to make them more resilient and with a source of information and competitive advantage.

“Sustainability and innovation are transversal axes in all of Sebrae’s actions, essential for the success of business today. Sustainability is a crucial point for the evolution of business in an international context and innovation is fundamental for the survival and prosperity of companies”, points out Holanda.

Among the main programs planned for 2024, there are more than 30 national and international technical missions, seeking references and benchmarking for small businesses. In addition, several startups focused on sustainability and SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) will be developed, aiming to find solutions to challenges that affect both small and large companies and even government entities.

The ‘SebraeTec’ program, for example, is a product that stands out for offering more than 270 subsidized technological services, ranging from brand consultancy and store visuals to environmental licensing, to help small businesses implement new technologies.

“Many entrepreneurs are concerned about new trends and changes in the market, but before that, they also need to worry about today and do the basics, which is getting their hands dirty, taking care of the customer, we have to connect with innovations yes, but we need to think about what to do now to improve service and provide a better customer experience”, highlighted speaker Allan Costa, who spoke to the public this Wednesday.

Territorial Development recognizes the interdependence between small businesses and the communities in which they operate and strategies aim to promote inclusive and equitable economic growth that benefits everyone. Entrepreneurial Education aims to develop the entrepreneurial capacity of students and train educators to enhance the leadership mentality and strategic vision essential for long-term success.

The manager responsible for the Territorial Development and Entrepreneurial Education axis at Sebrae/MT, Sandro Rossi, highlighted the importance of working in partnership with public entities to simplify legislation, reduce bureaucracy and identify opportunities for local development. “Sebrae/MT plays a fundamental role as a catalyst and facilitator, by training, guiding and supporting small businesses on their journey towards success. The true power of these strategies lies in collective action and collaboration between businesspeople, entrepreneurs, public institutions and local communities”, said the manager.

In 2024, the ‘Líder’ program, which promotes dialogue between business, social and political leaders, and Empreendedoras Cities, exclusive to city halls, which currently covers 19 municipalities, will be expanded. While the Sebrae Delas program, focused on supporting women entrepreneurs, will develop innovative solutions to promote the inclusion and economic growth of these women. The program launched in 2023, in 12 municipalities covering all regions of the State, has already impacted more than 5 thousand women in one year. In 2024 it will be expanded and more municipalities will receive the program.

Market and Business

Finally, the Market axis and the implementation of effective Business strategies enable small businesses to navigate the complexities of the globalized economy, identifying opportunities and building solid relationships with customers and partners. As a result, Sebrae Mato Grosso has a sectoral breadth that covers commerce, services, industry, agribusiness, tourism and creative economy.

Furthermore, in 2024, Sebrae/MT will work on access to credit, to ensure that entrepreneurs are financially prepared for the resource. Another initiative is the work of Market Agents, who facilitate meetings between producers and potential buyers, promoting partnerships and expanding business opportunities for local entrepreneurs. “Working in a sectoral manner is one of the strategies that reflects Sebrae/MT’s commitment to strengthening the local business market and providing comprehensive support to small entrepreneurs, such as access to credit, to ensure permanence and sustainable growth in the market”, says the Market and Business Manager at Sebrae/MT, Denise Pimpim.

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