Teacher who was thrown with a toy in Mirabilandia dies

Teacher who was thrown with a toy in Mirabilandia dies
Teacher who was thrown with a toy in Mirabilandia dies
Dvine Cordeiro died this Thursday (1), months after falling from a toy in Mirabilandia (Photo: Archive)

Teacher Dávine Muniz Cordeiro, aged 34, died this Thursday (1st).

She was thrown from a toy at Mirabilandia Park, in Olinda, in September last year, and has been hospitalized since then.

Her death was confirmed by her family, in contact with the hospital team. Pernambuco Diary.

According to her relatives, her burial will take place at the Parque das Flores Cemetery, in Sancho, in the West Zone.

Dávine suffered serious head injuries and underwent ten surgeries.

She was first taken to the Hospital da Restauração (HR), in Derby, Recife.

Afterwards, she was admitted to Hospital São Marcos, in the same region. Finally, she had to be transferred to Hospital da Hapvida, on Ilha do Leite, where she died in the early hours of the morning.

On January 11 of this year, Dávine’s relatives gave an interview, after his transfer to Hapvida, and said that the “situation was considered very serious”.

She practically lost almost half of the right side of her brain. And this “compromised a lot”, according to her cousin, Ricardo Lima.

”Her condition remains very serious. It does not respond to any stimulus, it is possibly 99.9% that it is irreversible,” she declared at the time.

Dávine’s accident was also marked by a legal dispute between her family and the Mirabilandia administration.

The family wanted the park to pay for her treatment. Mirabilandia appealed because it did not want to pay for the medical procedures.

The teacher’s relatives even held a virtual fundraiser to raise money.

Wanted by Pernambuco DiaryHapvida’s communications department said that “the operator cannot share patient information without authorization from the family and, in this case, the patient’s family does not authorize it. All communication regarding her is done via family members.”

What did the park say

In a note, Mirabilandia’s management lamented the loss of Dávine Muniz, “sympathizing with the family”.

Also according to the company, “few words can represent comfort at this time, especially for those who always seek to offer moments of entertainment and joy. May you be received with all the honors in your passage through this plan of ours.”


The Civil Police reported that the investigation has not yet been completed. He also said that the delegates are evaluating the circumstances before being able to comment.

Remember the case

Dávine Muniz fell from the Wave Swinger toy in September.

She has been admitted to a private hospital since October 3, following a court order that ordered Mirabilandia to be responsible for the costs of the treatment.

The park even appealed to avoid paying for Dávine’s hospitalization, but the request was not accepted.

The Mirabilândia park reopened on November 2nd, after being closed for 42 days as determined by the Consumer Protection and Defense Program (Procon).

On the day of reopening, the space did not attract a large crowd, possibly because of the All Souls’ Day.

The amusement park no longer offers the attraction that left Dávine Muniz seriously injured.

The Wave Swinger is in Mirabilandia’s maintenance department and there is no forecast for it to be back up and running. Another toy was inserted there.

To return to operation, the park needed to follow the ten recommendations of the Pernambuco Regional Engineering and Agronomy Council (CREA-PE).

These include the presentation of documents for all toys, individual inspections per equipment signed by technicians and specification and detailing of documents on preventive maintenance.

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