State buys land and starts the future Londrina Metropolitan Terminal

State buys land and starts the future Londrina Metropolitan Terminal
State buys land and starts the future Londrina Metropolitan Terminal

After two years of negotiations, Governor Carlos Massa Ratinho Junior announced this Thursday (1) the completion of the process of purchasing land for the construction of the new Londrina Metropolitan Terminal, in the North of Paraná. The area, with more than 12 thousand square meters, was acquired by the State Government for R$ 19 million, through the Metropolitan Affairs Agency (Amep).

The location of the land, which is in front of the city’s Central Terminal, was decisive in deciding the purchase by the State Executive. The objective is to facilitate integration between urban buses, which circulate within Londrina, and metropolitan buses, which serve around 50 thousand people living in neighboring municipalities – especially Cambé, Ibiporã, Rolândia and Jataizinho – and who travel to the city daily .

Ratinho Junior highlighted that in addition to completing the purchase of the property, the State Government is immediately beginning studies to implement the terminal. “This is the beginning of realizing an old dream for the population of Londrina and the Metropolitan Region, especially for those who use public transport. The construction of a metropolitan terminal will resolve a problem of many decades,” he said.

“We have been working for a long time to find an area compatible with the needs of the population and we have managed to advance in the negotiation of this land, which is quite large, measuring over 12 thousand square meters”, highlighted the governor. “We are making an acquisition and, together with the mayors of the region, we are already launching the contracting of the project so that, in a few months, we can begin construction of this major project.”

According to President Amep, Gilson Santos, the city of Londrina has made progress in relation to urban public transport in recent years, but lacked investment in the infrastructure of metropolitan public transport, which is the responsibility of the State Government.

They explained that all stages of the project – land acquisition, preparation of the Concept Study and preliminary project and construction of the terminal – will be carried out by the government. “Through Amep, the State Government is at the forefront of this important project, which meets a long-standing demand in the Londrina region. Obviously, we are talking to the municipalities so that they can contribute with suggestions throughout the process, so that in the shortest possible time we can start this work in the city”, highlighted Santos.

The state secretary for Cities, Eduardo Pimentel, highlighted that with the growth of Londrina and cities in the region, it is necessary to seek solutions to improve mobility and make life easier for the population. “We have conurban cities, a strong metropolitan region that needs this integration not only in transport, but in all areas”, he stated.

STUDY – The next step of the project is the contracting of the Design Study, which includes topographical survey, geotechnical tests, traffic studies, diagnosis of the need and feasibility study, in addition to a study of architectural and engineering solutions and implementation plan. At the same time, the preliminary project will also be contracted, consisting of the prognosis for demolition, earthworks, foundation, drainage, structure, architecture, electrical, paving, landscaping and signage.

The deadline for carrying out this stage of the project is eight months, which should be concluded with the definition of the final plan for the future Metropolitan Terminal. As a result, the State Government’s expectation is that the work will begin in 2024 and can be delivered to the population by 2026. For the goal to be met, faster and more efficient construction methods will be analyzed, such as contracting in RDCI, in which the same company completes the project and carries out the work.

In addition to the arrival and departure terminals, the structure will have a large commercial and service complex available to thousands of metropolitan public transport users.

The location of the land, which is in front of the city’s Central Terminal, was decisive in deciding the purchase by the State Executive. Photo: Alessandro Vieira/Casa Civil

MORE CONFORT – For the mayor of Londrina, Marcelo Belinati, the project will guarantee more comfort and practicality for workers who arrive and leave the city every day. “Thousands of people live in nearby municipalities and travel to Londrina every day to work, using public transport, and who stay in a structure that is currently completely inadequate, exposed to the sun and rain,” he said.

“Now a large terminal for metropolitan public transport will be built on the premises of the old IBC, with a connection to the Londrina Urban Terminal, a request we made”, highlighted Belinati. “It is a historic moment, which will bring more comfort to people coming to Londrina to seek their livelihood.”

HISTORICAL HERITAGE – The area acquired by the State Government was the headquarters of the former Companhia Intercontinental de Café, a historic company in the city. Therefore, part of the existing structure will be used as a basis for the creation of a Cultural Exhibition Center on coffee and regional culture.

ATTENDANCE – The state Planning secretaries, Guto Silva, participated in the ceremony; from Public Security, Hudson Leôncio Teixeira; and Health, Beto Preto; the general commander of the Paraná Military Police, Colonel Jefferson Silva; federal deputy Luísa Canziani; state deputies Tiago Amaral, Luiz Claudio Romanelli, Cloara Pinheiro, Tercílio Turini, Cobra Repórter and Alexandre Curi; the mayors of Cambé, Conrado Scheller; Ibiporã, José Maria Ferreira; Lupionópolis, Antonio Peloso Filho; and Prado Ferreira, Maria Edna de Andrade; the representative of the Civil House in Londrina, Sandra Moya; the Superintendent of Support for Municipalities of the Civil House, Júnior Weiller; and other municipal authorities.

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