Discover the positions in the notice!

Discover the positions in the notice!
Discover the positions in the notice!

If you want to provide the ALE RS competition (Legislative Assembly of Rio Grande do Sul) do you already know the positions in the notice?

In total, 51 vacancies are offered for positions at medium and higher levels of training, divided between positions of Legislative Police Agent, Legislative Technician, Legislative Analyst (in different specialties) It is Attorney. Starting salaries range from R$ 7,533.94 to R$ 32,993.14.

ALE RS competition – positions in the notice

Legislative Police Agent 6 R$ 11,300.91
Legislative Technician 18 BRL 7,533.94
Legislative Analyst – Administrator 3 R$ 11,783.86
Legislative Analyst – Architect 1 R$ 11,783.86
Legislative Analyst – Accountant two R$ 11,783.86
Legislative Analyst – Consultant 10 R$ 11,783.86
Legislative Analyst – Civil Engineer 1 R$ 11,783.86
Legislative Analyst – Mechanical Engineer 1 R$ 11,783.86
Legislative Analyst – Electrical Engineer 1 R$ 11,783.86
Attorney 1 R$ 32,993.14

Now that you know the jobs available in the selection, how about signing up and competing for one of the opportunities?

Registration is now open and interested parties can apply until February 28th, on the website of the organizing committee, Fundatec. The registration fee varies from R$160.00 to R$340.00, depending on the position.

For more information on the ALE RS competition, with positions at medium, technical and higher levels, access the link below. We have prepared a complete and exclusive article for you!

ALE RS Competition

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ALE RS Competition

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