TJ RN competition is resumed for technicians and results are republished


The IRDR was analyzed by the body’s judges as a way of judging all requests for annulment of issues, in order to arrive at a standardized template and avoid further interruptions to the competition with legal proceedings.

According to FGV, the republished result also complies with the provisions of §3 of art. 2nd of CNJ Resolution No. 203/2015 and in art. 3rd of CNJ Resolution No. 516/2023 (changes to the criteria applied to black candidates in notices from the Judiciary Branch).

With the republication of the result, the period for lodging appeals against the preliminary result of the objective test has been reopened and can be done on the FGV portal.

The TJ RN contest offered 448 opportunities for the technical staff, of which 160 are immediate and 288 are on reserve registration.

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FGV republishes the preliminary result of the objective test of the TJ RN technicians competition

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TJ RN contest summary

  • Institute: Court of Justice of Rio Grande do Norte
  • Current situation: in title analysis phase
  • Banking: FGV
  • Positions: technician, analyst and officer
  • Education: middle and higher levels
  • Vacancies: 229 immediate and 708 reserve registration
  • Remuneration: from R$3,974.08 to R$7,301.18
  • Registrations: from March 6, 2023 to April 6, 2023
  • Objective test date: June 4th and 11th, 2023

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New TJ RN competition can be held in 2024

Despite having the notices in progress, the Court of Justice of Rio Grande do Norte may hold a new public competition.

The reason is due to the Expense Detail Table (QDD) for this year, which indicates the forecast of new notices for TJ RN.

With the possibility of a new competition notice for the TJ RN, expectations remain regarding the possible positions and specialties that could be included in the new selection.

According to data from the body’s own transparency portal, the Court of Justice of Rio Grande do Norte has 1,247 vacant positions.

However, the expectation is that the number will reduce as the opportunities offered in the last competition for the TJ RN, which has not yet been approved, are filled.

Several careers were left out of the TJ RN competition and, therefore, in the case of new notices, candidates may be offered:

Middle level

  • judicial technician – Judicial Police area.

Higher level

  • judicial analyst without specialty;
  • judicial analyst – Judicial area without specialty;
  • judicial analyst – Administrative area in administration; It is
  • analyst in the area of ​​Specialized Support in Social Communication, Architecture and Urbanism, Nursing, Engineering, Statistics, Medicine and Dentistry.

The starting salary of an analyst is R$6,892.98reaching R$13,668.96 at the end of the career.

The remuneration of a judicial technician, in turn, is R$4,127.08reaching R$6,548.33 at the end of the career.

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