Sergipe reduces the price of piped natural gas


During the months of February, March and April 2024, the average price for piped natural gas will experience a 4.44% reduction in price in relation to the current average tariff in the state of Sergipe. In financial terms, this adjustment translates into a decrease of R$0.1302 per cubic meter of gas in the average tariff. The Public Services Regulatory Agency of the State of Sergipe (Agrese) has already granted authorization for this reduction.

This adjustment follows the transfer in the price of the molecule charged by suppliers, considering the variation in the international crude oil market (Brent) and other variables, such as the dollar exchange rate in the period.

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The adjustment of piped natural gas occurs quarterly, providing predictability to service users. Among all fossil fuels, piped natural gas is the only one in which users know in advance when the adjustment will occur. It is worth mentioning that the quarterly adjustments do not imply an increase in the margin of the gas distributor in Sergipe, Sergipe Gás S/A (Sergas).

José Matos, CEO of Sergas, emphasizes that this reduction in gas prices further highlights the advantages of using natural gas compared to other fossil fuels in all sectors in which the company operates.

Piped natural gas is a versatile energy source, serving both as a fuel and as an energy source, presenting competitive costs and lower polluting potential. Furthermore, gas represents a transition fuel, gaining ground in industrial hubs among the main world powers.

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Impact by segment

Considering that each segment has its specific tariff, in the Vehicle Natural Gas (NGV) segment, the reduction percentage will be 3.95% in the fuel price. In the residential segment, the reduction will be 2.84%; and in the industrial segment the average reduction will be 4.45%. The commercial segment will see a reduction of 3.64% and the cogeneration segment will see a reduction of 5.05%.

Sergas acts as a fundraising link for the installation of industries in Sergipe, as reinforced by CEO José Matos. “The company has been strengthening the production chain and helping to set up large companies. Sergas is one of the largest tax collectors for the state and allows state government bodies to prospect projects, with natural gas as an attraction”, he concludes.

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