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Federal highway police officers participated this Thursday morning (01/02), in the western region of Santa Catarina, in “Operation Maserati IV”, launched by GAECO (Special Action Group to Combat Organized Crime), from the Public Ministry of Santa Catarina. Catherine.

The task force made up of 153 police officers, in 25 vehicles, carried out 35 search and seizure warrants in nine cities: Chapecó, Xaxim, São Miguel do Oeste, Iporã do Oeste, Concórdia, Joaçaba and Luiz Alves, in Santa Catarina, and also in Cleveland and Foz do Iguaçu, in Paraná.

The objective is to combat a criminal organization that practices drug trafficking, property crimes and money laundering and seeks to expand its operations in Santa Catarina.

The PRF operated in the cities of Chapecó and Concórdia. In the latter case, he carried out a search and seizure warrant in the Nações neighborhood, where cell phones, cash and small portions of marijuana ready for sale were collected. A 30-year-old man was taken to the Concordia Police Station.

Other phases of the Maserati operation

In the first phase, launched on February 25, 2021, 284 court orders were complied with, covering 142 arrests and 142 searches and seizures, distributed across 45 cities and six states. The investigation, which began in 2020, revealed connections in criminal activities by the faction, leading to the seizure of a large quantity of drugs. It was also possible, from the explosion, to identify the perpetrator of several homicides, robberies and kidnappings, thus providing evidence material relevant to the investigative activities of the Santa Catarina Civil Police.

In the second phase, which took place on February 9, 2023, 164 court orders were executed, including searches and seizures and preventive arrests. This phase also targeted factions operating not only in Santa Catarina, extending its scope to 10 states of the federation.

In the third phase, launched on August 10, 2023, 48 search and seizure warrants were executed and 35 of the 42 preventive arrest warrants issued. The targets were factions that operated in the state of Santa Catarina

GAECO is a task force composed, in Santa Catarina, of the Public Ministry, Military Police, Civil Police, Federal Highway Police, Criminal Police, State Revenue and Military Fire Department, and its purpose is to identify, prevent and repress organizations criminals.

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