Hospital Tropical is on the verge of collapse, denounces MPAM

Hospital Tropical is on the verge of collapse, denounces MPAM
Hospital Tropical is on the verge of collapse, denounces MPAM

The Public Ministry of Amazonas (MPAM) denounced, after an inspection carried out this Wednesday (31/01), the crisis at the Amazonas Tropical Medicine Hospital. The lack of financial resources hampers assistance to patients with infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS and Viral Hepatitis, the agency points out.

The hospital’s administrative and financial director, Flávio Azevedo de Lima, revealed that the lack of transfers since August 2023 has already accumulated a debt of more than R$8 million in funding accounts, impacting the operation and provision of essential services.

The prosecutor, Cláudia Maria Raposo da Câmara, head of the 54th Health Prosecutor’s Office, expressed concern about the omission of the State of Amazonas.

“There is no money in the unit; it survives on donations. It is regrettable that the state is so negligent with a reference hospital.”

The situation is worsening with delays in the salaries of outsourced workers, lack of basic supplies and problems with medical equipment, revealing a widespread health crisis in Amazonas. The lack of security, infiltrations and the closure of beds due to problems with the refrigeration system at the Hospital de Medicina Tropical are some of the symptoms of this crisis.

According to Public Prosecutor Luissandra Chíxaro de Menezes, head of the 58th Health Public Prosecutor’s Office, the situation is alarming, mainly because this situation is not restricted to Tropical.

“We have already visited Francisca Mendes, 28 de Agosto and Platão Araújo, and this extends to all health care in the State. Currently, 70% of August 28 X-ray exams will only be attended to in serious cases,” he emphasized.

The shortage of essential medicines, such as those indicated for the prevention and treatment of cytomegalovirus (CMV) infections, highlights the urgency of the situation. Prosecutor Edinaldo Aquino Medeiros, from the 77th Public Property Prosecutor’s Office, warned that any outbreak could leave the hospital unable to provide care.

Given the seriousness, MPAM announced the creation of a Working Group (GT) to diagnose health irregularities, request information from the State Departments of Health and Finance and question health surveillance authorities.

In a press conference, the Coordinator of the GT, Attorney General Delisa Olívia Vieiralves Ferreira, demanded an effective response from the Government of AM, highlighting the responsibility to be accountable to the population regarding the functioning of health institutions managed by the State. The MPAM reported that it seeks, primarily, a state resolution, but considers all possibilities to resolve the health crisis in Amazonas.

The State Health Department reported that “In 2023, SES made transfers to the foundation in amounts greater than those programmed by the unit itself. Regarding the information about lack of medicines, the Amazonas Medicines Center (CEMA) has already provided the inputs in order to ensure the continuity of services for the coming months”.

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