BR-163/MS has closures due to works this Thursday (1st/2) – Roads

BR-163/MS has closures due to works this Thursday (1st/2) – Roads
BR-163/MS has closures due to works this Thursday (1st/2) – Roads

ATTENTION: BR-163/MS is closed due to works this Thursday (1st/2). Photo: Rachid Waqued/Disclosure

Changes are made at different points, according to the responsible concessionaire; Signage will ensure greater safety for highway users

Users must pay extra attention to BR-163 highway, in Mato Grosso do Sulthis Thursday (1/2), where the concessionaire CCR MSVia, responsible for the highway, carries out works and maintenance services at different points on the highway.

According to the concessionaire, due to the services, there may be delays in the section under construction.

Also according to CCR MSVia, users must respect signage and speed in the area, paying extra attention in the vicinity of sections under construction.

According to the company, if it rains, the works will be suspended. All sections are properly signposted.

Points with traffic diversion:

Rio Verde de Mato Grosso – at km 652

São Gabriel do Oeste – between km 640 and 637 and between km 604 and 603

Bandeirantes – between km 567 and 566 and between km 565 and 564

Jaraguari – between km 533 and 532 and between km 525 and 517

Campo Grande – at km 479

Dourados – between km 280 and 276, between km 273 and 267 and at km 265

Juti/Naviraí – between km 151 and 150

Naviraí – between km 149 and 146

Itaquiraí – at km 113

Mundo Novo – at km 6

Points with ‘Stop-and-Go’:

Sonora – at km 843;

Bandeirantes – between km 561 and 559; 557 and 555; 553 and 552; and from km 551 to 550

Jaraguari – at km 528

Nova Alvorada do Sul – at km 358

Rio Brilhante – at km 346 and km 323

Douradina – at km 303

Itaquiraí – at km 87

Eldorado – between km 64 and 63; 44 and 43; 41 and 40; and from km 33 to 32

According to the concessionaire, the schedule of works and services is dynamic, that is, other intervention points with ‘Stop-and-Go’ or traffic diversion may occur throughout the day.

More information at site or at 0800 648 0163 (free calls, including to cell phones).

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