CCR MSVia reports closures on BR-163/MS this Thursday | AgoraMS

CCR MSVia reports closures on BR-163/MS this Thursday | AgoraMS
CCR MSVia reports closures on BR-163/MS this Thursday | AgoraMS
Repairs being carried out on BR-163/Norte – Photo: Rachid Waqued

This Thursday (01/02) CCR MSVia informs drivers that closures will be carried out on BR-163/MS. The stop-and-go action consists of blocking traffic in one of the lanes while it flows through the other, alternately, in the North and South directions, due to the carrying out of works and services to improve the lane. The locations are signposted.

The concessionaire also encourages drivers to pay attention to closure points, reducing speed to improve traffic flow. All sections are signposted. In case of rain, works will be suspended.

See the locations under construction below:

  • Points with traffic diversion

Rio Verde de Mato Grosso – at km 652;

São Gabriel do Oeste – between kms 640 and 637 and between kms 604 and 603;

Girl Scouts – between kms 567 and 566 and between kms 565 and 564;

Jaraguari – between kms 533 and 532 and between kms 525 and 517;

Large field – at km 479;

Golden – between kms 280 and 276, between kms 273 and 267 and at km 265;

Juti/Navirai – between kms 151 and 150;

Naviraí – between kms 149 and 146;

Itaquirai – at km 113;

New world – at km 6.

Sound – at km 843;

Girl Scouts – between kms 561 and 559, between kms 557 and 555, between kms 553 and 552 and between kms 551 and 550;

Jaraguari – at km 528;

Nova Alvorada do Sul – at km 358;

Brilliant River – at km 346 and km 323;

Douradina – at km 303;

Itaquirai – at km 87;

El Dorado – between kms 64 and 63, between kms 44 and 43, between kms 41 and 40 and between kms 33 and 32.

CCR MSVia warns that the schedule of works and services is dynamic, that is, other intervention points with stop-and-go or traffic diversion may occur throughout the day. Follow the evolution of the traffic situation on BR-163/MS through the website in real time, or call Dial CCR MSVia on 0800 648 0163 (free calls, including to cell phones).

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